Why the ridiculous spending on wedding?

Destination weddings are the trend nowadays, especially in the Asian continent.

After effect?

Debts incurred by the parents and the trouble faced by others in trying to adjust finances in order to return the money.

Times have changed.

Technology has leapt, literally.

So, why spent the hard earned money on high priced locations, rentals, food that is usually wasted after the reception, the glitter dresses that are never worn after the occassion and the gifts to guests which they probably re-gift to others anyway and the gossip that do the rounds.

It will take a hard decision by both the bride and groom to stop these practices and instead invest the money they get as gifts into more wiser options.

They could perhaps invest in crypto if both are willing or they could do a trip to a country they both love to visit.
It could also be used to buy some useful stuff or just be invested in silver or gold which is a good investment.

Money should not be wasted in food and drinks alone. If you do want to throw a feast, make sure you give a feast to the underprivileged and let them be happy. The extra money can be used to buy groceries for the poor homes or orphanages.

Why spent it in luxurious hotels?

Why be foolish enough to spend your hard earned money just to show to relatives and friends that you have performed your wedding in a grand manner. All they will reall ever say is that it was not good enough.

Let us think of the endless possibilities you can do with the money you reserve for your marriage.

For example, if you have about 10k$ reserved for the wedding which is to be distributed for purchasing gold, silver, gifts, catering, clothes, hotel rent, travel expenses and so on.

Imagine, the amount of money you would save if you keep your marriage a low affair and invite only a few close family members and friends and have the marriage conducted in a small place which you could rent for lower prices.

Just think about it and let me know your thoughts about it.

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Thank you so much

Hahaha, the first post I read after coming back from the trip..

lol. I know you are sensible, so no worries.

I agree that people tend to spend too much on weddings these days. As you say, they end up being in debt for years to come which puts a strain on the household - not smart. However, I don't believe there is anything morally wrong with splurging a little bit - it is after all a big day! But even this should be within each couple's own financial means, and if they incur debt, it should be easily payable within a couple of months. If they do go overboard, well then they will probably tend to waste money in other areas too: expensive cars, houses, toys (boats, RV's, what have you) and this is the fastest way into the rat race!

Thank you. I also think mainly about the debt. It is their big day but I guess people have been made to believe that spending is the way they can get happiness and the celebs are also contributing to this.


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Debt is what makes the world turn and flourish if everybody start saving money investing in silver and gold and HODLING the global markets would crash companies would close and many people would be out of work broke and hungry instead of making beautiful things for people to show off at the weddings. Banks print money out of thin air crypto and gold are relatively useless also so why HODL it when you can literally get something for nothing we are at a time in history that may never happen again when an unskilled fool can have the finer things in life splurge until they cancel all your credit and you have no money to pay then declare bankruptcy wait 7years and do it again if you get good at it you can live like a rockstar for a good 2 years. Its the trend all ways go with the trend.

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