How to use google to learn English !

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I would like to write in this post about how to use google to learn English.

First of all there are many search engines and you can choose anyone you like. I took google as an example and you can apply that to any other website.

Usually any search engine has its own translator. So, when you learn any language you can translate words online. In the case of google use this tool :

You can also unstall the application or any other translation application on your phone and use it.

But to learn more effectively, it's better to not translate all sentence, but only the words or expressions you don't understand.

You can also always check the spelling of a word when you use a search engine.

When I usually write posts, I always have an other tab open in my browser to check the words I'm not sure about.

Sometimes to make sure that it's the word I need to use, I check its definition.

By the way, when you read a definition of a word it's even better than translating it because you will learn more words that way and how to use them in a sentence. (3).png

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