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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

When I created the community I had big plans for it. I thought everybody will be excited about creating collaborations. I thought that will be a big community of people who appreciate that. Only a few are still trusting this idea and supporting @dcooperation by some delegations. I'm really thankful to them.

@behelen is a friend of my wife living in the same city where I live. I onboarded her to steem, but she is not that active here. She worked hard to build an audience, but she failed. She is now more active in instagram.

@blessed-girl really talented girl from Venezuela and her husband @theonlyway delegating both 900 steem power.

@holgerwerner from Germany who delegated to us 500 sp when we started, but he's not active on steem.

@bobaphet a great man from Australia. He was very active before, but not now. I hope he's doing well.

@cryptokannon a nice girl from Japan. She is the only active member who's creating content in the community !

@ireenchew from Malaysia, she is the wife of a great witness @bitrocker2020. It's a great family, thanks to them !

@alokkumar121 from India. Always supportive and active in steem.

@camuel a great guitarist from Scotland. Supporting the community for a long time.

@zekepickleman a great steemian from Canada. Active in a lot of communities.

@madushanka very nice guy from Sri Lanka who creates great content about meditation and yoga.

@certain from India who is supporting us for a while.

@marfonso from Portugal always shares cool pictures.

@jeronimorubio from USA. Very wise and good man, always creates inspirational videos.

@mjtravel from Netherlands. She's not creating that often, but still delegating.

@thecrytotrader from India. @mediumjack from South Korea and @fruitdaddy from US.

Me myself I'm delegating everything from my other account @alexshumsky and my wife's @steemitbaby.

Those are all our delegators now. A lot undelegated after the fork of steem, but we still have 20 people supporting us and that's great.

Since a few delegators are not active. And more and more undelegated for reasons I don't know. I will increase the upvote to those left delegators. Just like I promised everybody I'm not powering down the account. I use all the earning to power up the account and keep upvoting all delegators who are active and even other dedicated steemians.

So, for those who are delegating from 600 to 700, the autoupvote will be : 70%

500 - 600 : 60 % , 400 - 500 : 50% , 300 - 400 : 40% , 200 - 300 : 30% , 100 - 200 : 20% , 50 - 100 : 10%, less than 50 : 5% !

That way, @dcooperation will always use a big part of the voting power, I will not have to check that often when it's 100% to distribute manual upvotes and those left delegators will be more motivated to leave their delegations and maybe we will find more delegators to help me to not stop this at all.

But, I'm still doing my best to not give up on this project. The idea is great and we still have some chance to get noticed by those who are still active in steem.

I did all I could to support everyone I can and still doing.

Thanks for everyone who ever supported us.

You can subscribe to our community here : https://steemit.com/trending/hive-177976

Join our discord server here : https://discordapp.com/invite/UMAMYkP

Thanks to @justyy who created the tool we always use to check our delegators. Check that here : https://steemyy.com/delegators/

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