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I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

In this hard time most of us are spending time home. I think it's the time to create a new collaboration for @dcooperation !

The video will be uploaded here and all the earning will be powered up and all the participants will be autoupvoted by @dcooperation during a month !

If you want to participate in this, all you have to do is :

  • Record a short video.
  • Share in it how you are spending time during the quarantine. ( You don't have to record your face if you don't want, you can just show your home inside or record the view from the window and talk ).
  • You can talk as well about the situation in your country and how you feel about it.
  • Send the video to [email protected] using the website : https://wetransfer.com/ ( the video can be stored there for 24 hours, so please tag @clixmoney in the comments if you send the video or contact me in discord, my name there is ''clixmoney#0084'' or find me in the discord server of our community. )

In case you can't record a video, you can just share your story by email and add to that a few pictures and I will share it here as well !

Enjoy the collaboration. ☺

You can subscribe to our community here : https://steemit.com/trending/hive-177976

Join our discord server here : https://discordapp.com/invite/UMAMYkP

All the earning as usual is going to power up the account !


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