Snake in the house very frightening

in Shadow Hunters3 months ago (edited)

It is another win as I am alive today! I opened the door from outside the house and the next thing I saw following me inside the house from the kitchen was a long green snake. My children were seating on the floor when my wife screemed and went for the children. I have never been terrified like this before!

The snake curled and crawled up the wall ready to Sprint. I had to rushed out of the house to fetch a machete and a spade. I threw the machete at it which brought it down from the wall and I used the spade to hold it's head to the wall then cut it to pieces.

I thank God that I or anyone in my household was not bitten by the snake.

This is an indication that many people who have lost their lives during this lockdown May be as a result of something other than covid 19.

Join us to thank God.



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