Palms & Crosses for Shadowhunters

in Shadow Hunterslast year (edited)

Warm rays of April sunlight beaming through the window created these shadows of a palm plant and a crystal glass cross on the wall across the room, and I thought how appropriate this was for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.



Wishing all of my friends peace, love, happiness, health and a blessed Easter weekend!



This is my contribution to the Show Me A Shadow - Round 113 #ShadowHunters #ShadowContest created by the lovely @melinda010100 and hosted this week by the talented @annephilbrick. Learn more about how to join the fun and add the link to your entry by clicking here

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and edited with Prismart

© 2020 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved



Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit my blog. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support! Have a terrific day!




#thealliance #steemusa #qurator



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