From Grandfather to Grandchild Beautiful Weather

Along with soil, nature and water, air is also an important factor in shaping societies and cultures. Our ancestors, who lived together with nature and held on to life in this way, have always kept this identity alive by farming, animal husbandry and hunting. All around Anatolia, they dipped their ladles into the cauldron of nature and carried out these works with the coolness of the air. The chronic and pinhan sides of the air were fascinated by the observant sides of our ancestors and helped them to accumulate experience in this regard. This situation has taken place a lot in our values, proverbs and in general in our culture. The seasonal calculations are called "father's account", and they embroidered the seasons, months, night and day to the embroidery advices. Such narratives were passed down from parents to children, then to grandchildren.

In our culture, weather conditions are mostly mentioned together with counsels. The mood of the weather has been the subject of many comparisons as well as comparisons. For example, it was said that "mountain stones break the wind, friendship spoils the hands". Here, a kind of warning is made by comparing the power of the hand to the effective power of the wind. In the expression "like a passing wind", the meaning of the word "word" is expressed with a metaphor. By using the effective temperature of the sun in the statement "sun shed squeezes the heel", it is emphasized that the interaction can have different results. It is a beautiful description that emphasizes the night in the phrase "turning the sky into black copper". How realistic and natural is the analogy of “thunderstorm stoning the earth”. The phrase "the cry of the cloud" describes how beautifully the rain will fall. We are the ones who depict winter dressed in gray coats and spring dressed in white. We can also increase the descriptions of poetic metaphors such as "The rain kisses the cracked lips of the earth".

Our ancestors who said "There is no day, nothing is the treasure of the day" always prioritized precaution with such expressions. As it is known, the cold of winter affects the society in general, especially the poor, and those living in villages and rural areas. Prioritizing measures against winter cold is a necessary prediction at this point. In this way, it is desirable to prevent diseases, if not prevented, to reduce them. "The wolf spends the winter but does not forget the frost" is a proverb that contains expressions that are different from the visible. With these intentions, they have tried to benefit mankind in one way or another. Another syntax that has come up to this day is as follows; It is called "leave your way by looking at the winter weather, look at the summer weather" or "look at the snow weather, come home blind," and it is again a warning. A word mostly spoken in Gaziantep; It is expressed in these expressions how effective the cold is by saying "in winter, from the ground as a pinhole, as cold as a camel". For example, it is called "sitting on stone in winter, sitting live in summer". These are meaningful words that care about health, full of advice.