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Hello to everyone

I'm preparing this post for a charity event today. I have talked about these babies a lot in my previous articles. I tried to help them. But it's impossible to help so many babies with high-budget drugs. But we still have to do this to contribute. We can also use alms, which is in our culture, to help a baby heal. In this post, I gave information about the drug.

What is SMA?

SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) is a muscle disease that affects the anterior horn motor nerve cells in the spinal cord and restricts mobility.
Its incidence is 1 / 10,000 in the world and 1 / 6,000 in Turkey. Due to the degeneration seen in anterior horn cells; The protein necessary for the function of the nerves that control our muscles cannot be produced.
Weakness and wasting (atrophy) are seen in voluntary muscles.
Inability of nerve cells to perform their function; causes weakness and often fatal muscle weakness. Involuntary muscles are not affected by this disease.
The vision and hearing senses of individuals with SMA are not affected by the disease. Intelligence; is normal or above normal.

Babies with this disease cannot survive without someone's help. We have seen in many babies that their mobility is lost day by day. Seeing these as a human makes everyone very sad. We'll send this week's rewards for this baby.

amine başlık.PNG

Zolgensma Pharmaceuticals; 1.800.000 £
£1,078,000 remaining for her medication
her last days to take the medicine ....!!

It is impossible for a person with a bad economic situation to take this medicine, and it is impossible for a family with a high level of economy. There are many families whose babies have died. Some continue to collect donations in this way. 25% of the money was collected for his medicine. They're trying to save the rest so their babies don't die. The family received the determined offer from the hospital abroad . That's why it's very important for them to reach their goal.


If this post gets votes for this week's baby, I will help all of them. This event will always be good for our community and maybe we will provide support for a baby to get medicine.

This link has been prepared with permission from each country to help him. has a governor's permit. All documents are available.

Steem rewards were collected and sent to the baby in the previous favor event. If you want to help the baby, you can contact us. And you can participate in the event by preparing a post. Here is the proof;


those who donated to the previous baby but were not paid;

@baycan ; 15 steems
@steem-azerbaijan ; 30 steems will be sent to this baby.

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Hello sir. @steemcurator01 We know that you love and care about charity events. We have created an event similar to the event in the Steem women club. Each week, everyone who submits for this event will donate any amount of the prize to a baby with SMA. As with the previous baby, we collected steem rewards and sent them to the doll. Maybe we will be instrumental in helping a baby get his medicine. Of course, you have a contribution to this goodness. Even if it is not for us, I would like you to consider this event so that these babies with sma go to Dubai for treatment. I would also like to inform you that the Turks are trying to be active and they are writing quality posts. Thanks a lot for your understanding :)

Best regards

Whoever Good Finds Good!

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