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RE: Protest Have My California On Edge

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Ugh, I was watching footage from the Huntington Beach protests on HB’s Instagram page the other day. I don’t live down there, (am up in Seattle) but usually go to HB once a year for concerts, beach vibes & surf shops. All the footage of the protests (the end the lockdown crowd a bit ago followed by the angry white old dudes trying to beat up the BLM protestors....) it made me sad. It was also interesting to me a as a tourist/outsider to hear people from HB struggling with parts of the community I had been blissfully unaware of during my once or twice a year visits.

Stay safe.


Yes, I am not glad that some wanted to fight them. But at the same time, the BLM protest lead to fires and looting the night before in Santa Ana and then the next day in Long Beach. I know the normal BLM protestors are not going to burn stuff down but for sure there is a group in the Orange Country area that was willing to. So those angry white guys might have saved Main St from being looted and burned to the ground. I would rather it could all be peaceful but hard to no feel on edge when the cites around you are on fire.