Santa Monica Mountains Bay View + MySoCal

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This is my first post and entry into the weekly My SoCal photo contest and I hope I've done the hashtag and banner right. I've just joined #SoCalSteemit Community.

This selection is of a view of the Santa Monica Bay from a ridge of the Santa Mountains that runs back to the San Fernando Valley. Catalina Island is out at a distance tucked under the tip of the clouds.

This is along one of my most favorite hikes. My son and I discovered it when we were out and about exploring when he was a wee bit. We watched the community build up around there. When I was a child I could see the bikes riding along the ridge and wondered how they got there. Now I know. Wonderful place to visit and enjoy SoCal expanse. There are 360 views of the north, south, east, and west.

#mycalifornia #socalsteemit


Great shot! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the So Cal Steemit community! 😎

Thank you. I'm excited to learn and share. Best wishes and blessings!

@elijahone welcome to SoCal Steemit, and thank you for entering our contest! We are always happy to see new people joining the community!

Thank you. I'm looking forward to it. Enjoy!

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