Now is a Good Time to Join Steem

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I saw the Wednesday Challenge from our friends @steemitblog and had to take part. I see so many good things happening on Steem right now that I don't feel it is time to run away. Instead, I think it is time for people to join. For the first time, is now lead by people that have real connections in the crypto world. They run other projects that can work with steem. The stake that always was head over our heads by the old team is now working to make this a better place. It isn't being sold or used to get big rewards for the team. It is being used in a curation project giving us all chances to earn more here than in the past. Projects have a way to get enough power to reward their users. How powerful is it to say to your users base that you have a 500,000 SP delegation from the steemit team to curate content about their project? It is hard to even say what this can do. You can get your project off the ground a lot easier.


The main reason that this all seems so new is we never had a group pushing a real Business Plan. How many of the forks of the past just tried to fix the rewards distribution? When was the last time you saw one that really changed the platform or made a big improvement? I have never seen steem grow and take the next steps as a platform but now for the first time, I think they can. I think that if people are willing to join and so the team that they want to be a part of what Steem can become they will create it.


They can show us how all the different platforms they work with can work as one. How you can set up a torrent server and blog about what you are doing to help users use and be rewarded for what you are doing. To be able to stream and build a group of followers that you can also support with the power you get on the platform. To be able to join any dapp and learn about it on a blog that rewards you for asking questions or sharing what you know about it? This is the power of the steem blockchain. To the easy front ends. I for one won't be going anywhere. I want to see what they can do. I think now is the right time to come to steem if you aren't already here.

I will end with one last thing. There has been a fight going on that might try to push you to stay away. Don't let the FUD make you miss out on a chance to be part of the next big changes to steem.

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I agree with what you said. It is a good time

Thank you for taking part in the latest 100 Days of Steem Challenge.

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The Steemit Team

Thank you I have joined the ones that I can do.

Dear @stever82

Another interesting piece. Solid read.

I see so many good things happening on Steem right now that I don't feel it is time to run away.

Indeed. Dynamic on Steemit has improved a lot since HF23 took place. It seem that this platform is heading in "better" direction.

How many of the forks of the past just tried to fix the rewards distribution?

Good question. It seem that STINC is strongly centralizing rewards distribution and it may be a good solution. However many people do not like idea of centralization, so it's surely not solution for everyone.

Upvoted already :)
Enjoy your Monday, Piotr

I’ve been on here forever and a day and I like how they’ve changed it to be more like reddit with the communities but I think the problem is that nobody is using it like that yet.

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