My Concept “STEEMEAT” 🥩🍃✨ Graphic Design Works for Steemit Iron Chef

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Hello everyone 🤗

I was busy with my environmentally friendly Before & After Contest during the last 8 weeks. I had to pause my contest yesterday because I couldn’t get enough post rewards to sustain it. I was surfing on the Steemit last night in my spare time. And I saw that Steemit Iron Chef Community needs some modern-looking, professionally-designed images.

I have designed the following images for Steemit Iron Chef. I am really satisfied with the results. So I named my concept “Steemeat” because I think that every high valued unique artwork needs a special name that identifies the work.

I designed the plate, cleaver, leaves, tomatoes, text, gradient colors, chef hat, and the most importantly the Steemit meat from scratch.
I decided to use a pre-designed wooden plate and confetti which is on the gif. (Freepik)

I think these designs will help Steemit Iron Chef Community to have a community-wide unique appearance that reflects their quality.

Header Image for Posts

Steemit Iron Chef.jpeg

Profile Picture

Steemit Iron Chef PP.jpeg

Profile Cover Image

Steemit Iron Chef Profile Cover.jpeg

Winners Announcement GIF

steemit iron chef winners.gif

Thank you 🥰


really nice, i love your design,with what application do you make it?

Hi @buyahanan, glad you liked that. Photoshop or browser-based free alternative Photopea will do the job 😊

thats great, we can support each others, cause I also love everything about design, especcialy logo design and interior design, greetings from indonesia,


I'm happy to hear that. Nice to meet you @buyahanan 😊

A greeting from Venezuela. Wuao friend, what beautiful images you created, you really left me very surprised, as we would say here: "You ate it!" hinting that you stood out. Much success, a hug.

Wow, thank you so much for your beautiful comment 🤗

Estés logo te quedó super genial 😃 los colores muy bien sincronizados.
Te deseo mucha suerte besos amiga !!

Me alegra que te guste🎉🤗 Muchas gracias amiga 🌸💕

That GIF is so thoughtful & funny at the same time.. would you mind the application or software you used to create that? I usually use PS but it takes so much time..

Hi @virajherath, thank you very much😊 I created these images step by step in PS, probably the same as your technique. Then I combined them to form a gif. It would make me so happy to know a better way which will help me to save my time.
I guess video editing tools like After Effects or Premiere may be a choice for longer ones. Once we import the background image (or any static asset) and the images which will move around, we can draw tracks for every single moving part and set their timing. It would give us a more smooth and scalable result.

step by step in PS

Yes, that is the way I use also.. Since it was very smooth I thought you have used a different app. Thank you very much for taking time to share your knowledge with me.

You are welcome. One of my favorite parts of this platform is knowledge sharing. Therefore, I am glad when I talk with a person who is interested in the content 🤗

I'm glad most of the users are willing to share the knowledge 🤗