STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2021 ACT 1 ROUND 04 : Contest is officially opened, join for a chance to win 25 STEEM! Grand Reward Pool OVER 70 STEEM already and growing each round!

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Greetings of the day my dearest Iron Chefs!

I hope you all had a great week specially working on your entries for the 3rd round...thank you all for joining - You have all been doing a great job!

Now, couple of minutes ago @progressivechef officially kicked off the 4th round by revealing the mysterious product that you all have to work on for this coming week!

PUMPKIN is the vegetable that we all have to sublimate and make look nice and yummy!

So let's flood steemit with hundreds of pumpkin recipe until Friday 11th June 2021 10 am UTC!!!

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3 ways of getting rewards by participating...

Yes my foodies entering Steemit Iron Chef, you actually expose yourself to be in the race of getting rewarded in 3 different ways...

Let me explain!


For each round, I give away 25 STEEM to the ones finishing on the top 7 places - of course the ones making the best post with clear details, amazing photos and putting the product of the week in value will get maximum points from me.


Each participant sending at least 1 valid entry in all the 15 rounds, are eligible to get some STEEM after the end of 15 rounds of Act 1 provided they finish in the top 100!

The points that each one gets weekly are added each week to form the league ranking!

The grand reward pool is already over 70 STEEM and grows bigger each week.


3. The Curators!!!

The 3rd way is actually based on luck and high quality entries!!!

If you create a top notch post and catch the eyes of the curators...well you can be the happiest people out there!

I've always believed in hard work and rewards will surely follow, just keep on going and never get discouraged!

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We have seen a real lot of participants since the launching of Steemit Iron Chef - This is actually a blessing having so many people participating!

In the beginning there were more low quality posts than good ones...but after 3 rounds...I can say that the overall level is going up and I am sure it will be even better after some more rounds!

Thank you to all those making efforts on your entries - @progressivechef is commenting on each of your posts and congratulating you for your good job!

By upgrading your entries, the competition will be more interesting and we will see different winners each round...

I'll again share some advises I gave out last round for those who haven't yet read them:

  • Make a thoughtful posts, be yourself - make it fun to read.
  • Take the best photos of the dish you prepared.
  • Avoid posting photos of you in the contest...I am more interested in the food and the plate you did!
  • I need only 1 proof photo, the rest of the photos you can do freestyle and make them attractive.
  • Don't just make a cream or a salad or a soup with the product of the different recipes and dress nicely on your plate - try something you've never done before, go for it!
  • The product of the week must be the center of attention, it must dominate the plate!

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Before ending this post, I would like to again thank everyone who has been consistent since the beginning of this awesome cooking adventure - You definitely know who you are!!!

Let's keep progressing, let's keep sharing positive vibes around and let's support each other!

So put on your apron, take out your knives and let's transform the PUMPKIN!!!


Wish you all best of luck!
Have a great weekend ahead!

 2 months ago (edited)

rico auyama.. nos vemos

Estare participando. Genial... con auyama

Muy interesante este ingrediente

Más fino me encanta más fácil

Que bien, me encanta la auyama, será genial

Buenísimo ¿Puedo participar?

Excelente, pronto mi participación saludos feliz noche

Excelente chef espere mi proximo platillo

Me encanta la auyama, y las tortas con ese ingrediente, las cremas, los quesillos.

En esta ocasión seguro rebasarán los límites. En Venezuela muchos usan este ingrediente y creo que romperás record jiji. See you 💕

Genial.! Viento en popa el concurso ! 🥳

Saludos Bendiciones y éxito para todos! pronto mi entrada!

Que rico... Nos vemos con la nueva participación...

 2 months ago (edited)

Saludos seguimos para la cuarta ronda, suerte para todos los participantes....un abrzote.

Excelente concurso con este ingrediente tan sabroso como los es la Auyama o Calabaza, saludos.

Hola amigos, esta es mi participación para esta ronda Delicia de calabaza


Preparándome para el concurso

Feliz día! Aquí dejo mi participación del Round 4. Calabaza.
Espero les guste! 🧡👩🏼‍🍳 Suerte para todos!

Delicioso ingrediente.

Hola :-) mi participación


Muchas gracias y suerte a todos!


Hola amigos aca les dejo mi PARTICIPACION


Hola amiga @Yibryl84 hermosa presentación! Se ve delicioso ...saludos muchísima suerte ...

 last month (edited)

Saludos y bendiciones, nuevamente presente en este concurso, gracias por la oportunidad.

Suflé de Calabaza con pollo y salsa dulce por @astilem


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Hola mi participacion en esta ronda.


Hola 😊 aquí mí Participación


Hola mis amigos aquí les dejo mi participación, tarde pero seguro espero sea aprobada mi participación....No tuve en muchas horas conexión a internet.. Saludos 🥰

Hola amigos, está es mi entrada


Un poco tarde pero igual tenía que publicarla amigos.