Activist Does Damage Control After Whining About Baby She “Saved” 🤰

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Jamie Jeffries, an “anti-abortion activist” was saying she talked a mom out of getting an
abortion. Six months later, the child was taken away by the government, and the mother put
Jeffries down as the “next preferred placement” — meaning if the mother wasn’t allowed to care for the baby because she’s undocumented (or something like that), then Jeffries was next on the list. Jeffries said she’s too busy, that a child would “break” her, and that it would interfere with her marriage and health. Instead of supporting the other woman’s decision, Jeffries persuaded her to do something that wasn’t in her best interest, adding further misery to their lives months later, and apparently refused to take any responsibility for what she did. A different placement was found for the child.

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Source: “Pro-Life” Activist Does Damage Control After Whining About Baby She “Saved”
Location: USA

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Fascinating. This is a great example of what some theorists would call boutique activism.
Many years ago I read from one of Stanley Fish's essays the idea of boutique multiculturalism. By that he meant the kind of hypocritical multiculturalism practiced by many self-righteous people when they defend cultural differenes but if made to choose they would never adopt or even adapt to the culturalfeatures they defend.
With this Jeffries case we can see what some pro life people are all about. It is very easy to demand form a poor mother, or a woman who has been raped, that they have their children and go on with their lives. Those forcing the decision will not be there when these women start facing the hardships that come with child caring and upbringing, especially if we are talking about these extreme cases (or even in cases where the child is born ith some serious illness or disability).
Having children is a serious and transcendental responsibility. No matter how much people want to romanticize it with miraculous stories of geniouses born from poor single mothers who were going to abort them, or CEOs that grew up in poor neighborhoods, etc; those are exceptions to the rules. Children should come in loving homes, to responsible and loving parents, who can afford all their needs and are willing to face all the troubles and challenges. Bringing children to the world under extreme circumstances is as criminal as killing them in the womb.

Complete hypocrisy. His actions are, to say the least, unacceptable. Having a child is a big responsibility.

if abortion would help save the society from having more bastards then i will support abortion,i am tired of seeing so many kids beg on the streets just because they have no responsible parents to take care of them.....

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