Mullahs Call for the Killing of Hindu Girl who has Renounces Islam 😡

in Atheismlast year

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Radical Islamic clerics in Pakistan are up in arms after a minor Hindu girl Mehak Kumari
renounced Islam. She says she had not accepted Islam of her own free will but was forced to do so and also lie about it. While the cases of forceful conversions have always existed in Pakistan, a significant spike has been registered lately. Her subsequent kidnapping and forced conversion invited widespread protests and condemnation by the minority Hindu community in Pakistan which said that a nexus between government officials and Islamic clerics was acting behind forced conversions which were happening all over the country. The court has not announced any verdict and we have been given a time frame of eleven days, said the counsel adding that the next hearing is on February 18.

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Source: Hindu minor girl who was forcefully converted renounces Islam; Pakistani mullahs demand death penalty
Location: Pakistan

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And then they don't want people to say that they are barbarians and hateful. This is really appalling. A life of fear, that's what this kind of religion is promising anyone who accepts to live under its rules.
We see this attitude in politics too, a mafia-like rule, once you're in you can out, at least not alive.
I hope some day these bastards are punished and we are forever done with this sort of extremism.
If their god is so good an powerful, why can't they let him work his magic and inspire people to covert willingly? Why not just let others be (or burn in hell when they pass), with their false gods or lack of them?

Forcing your beliefs into people's throats is another form of barbarism. You forced someone to accept your faith, later the person left that faith and you want to kill her for leaving? Great!!! Just great🙄

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Everyone should have the free will to choose. Calling for the murder of dissenters is a crime, not to mention when it comes to a child. Apparently nothing has changed in millennia. Hatred marches around the world.

forceful conversion in religion happens more frequently than we would ever imagine,it is common in many countries and i totally believe that such practice must stop,it is actually so insane to see so many religious extremist who are ready to kill you if you do not join bad....

i believe that this is an act that is totally wrong,everyone should have their own right to decide whatever religion they want to get into and should never be forced to join a certain religion or leave a certain religion,one should also have the right to decide if they want to believe in religion or not...

no sane person should encourage killing of anyone and i feel very angry whenever i see the way people use religion to carry out their own evil intention,it has become so really bad and religious extremism must stop in our society if we want peace to reign...

Amazing idea of the posting

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