Municipal Gov't and Secularism 🤔

in Atheismlast year

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It would be interesting to find out what might be behind this sort if openness to Islam, in this case, or to any other religious group that might be promoted via public institutions, such as libraries.
I can see the logic behind a measure, especially in a library, that is supposed to host books and ides from all ways of life and from all cultures and ideologies. If we asume as a fact that muslims are being discriminated against and need support and people need to learn about them so that they stop demonizing them, then it may make sense to see this as an effort to lower the tensions, but it is probably more complicated than that.
If as a government you promote a religion, you would have to promote all religions. Of course, ideally governments should remain as far from religious activism or disputes as possible, but we know that in the same way governments can promote they can also intervene to stop certain religious groups from abusing others. In that sense, governments can't actually be separated from religion because sooner or later they have to make decisions that involve religions.
Being fair and balanced is the challenge and we know how difficult that can be whenever religion is involved

i have always believed that religion have created alot of chaos in the society,i believe that living in a society where secularism is promoted and supported would be so awesome because it will bring sanity to the world and make more people to think with their brain instead of loosing their common sense because of religion...

i think secularism is not the actual solution but each person have to renew their mindset about religion and the society as a whole,if everyone have the right mindset that been religious is not what actually makes a society better but what makes a society is everyone doing the right things and avoid doing wrong things...

well for those who might not know what 'secularism" can be defined as the actual principle of ensuring that there is really a separation of the state from the various religious for me i always support secularism and because i believes it helps to reduce dis-unity and division which is caused by various people who are religious extremist and believe their own religion is the right one and other religion are wrong and therefore those people practicing those other religions do not know what they are doing ,and that makes the religious folks to avoid those people and this leads to lack of unity and genuine love amongst each other...

Balance is hard to achieve. Institutions must be so far from any religion. Probably the exception is for the official religion on the country, but balanced.