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RE: Oklahoma Votes to Strip Abortion Doctors of Medical Licenses 🧑‍⚕️

in Atheismlast year

As we have been seeing in the recent posts, we get mixed messages about freedom and progress in social matters.
Doctors should not pay with their careers the election or choice made by their patients.
Should we revoke the licences of plastic surgeons who mess up with god's sacred design (just for the sake of vanity)? Shouldn't we revoke the business licences of all those who sell weapons, after all weapons are responsible for more deaths than abortion doctors.
The same people who want more babies brought into this world would not vote to make the lives of those babies more decent and bearable.
Many of those who defend the sanctity of life support measures, legislations, and ideologies that attempt against fundamental freedoms that would make people around the world equal before the law and before the market.
Defending life under any circumstances can be the most challenging form of activism any perosn can attempt. It is very difficult to be coherent in such an enterprise. Sooner or later contradictions will come and many will be pissed by the double standards.

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