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RE: Christian Blogger on Hitting Kids: '' Make Sure It Hurts to be Effective” 🙄

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Well, I will agree that there are issues, serious issues, with soft parenting, or whatever they call it. It is a fact that some kids, everywhere in the world are displaying very agressive attitudes resulting from lack of disciline and respect. That being said, I refuse to frame good parenting within the confines of religion. I'd not reprimand my children because some god says so. I would do it whenever is necessary because it is the right thing to do in a given context.
Kids need to respect, not to fear, parents and elders. They also need to learn when and how they can contest authority. I don't want a shy, fearful docile child. I want one who knows when to accept that he/she is wrong and apologize if necessary, but also one who is capable of raising his/her voice whenever injustice comes up, whether it comes from religious or non-religious sources.