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RE: Kentucky Owes Atheist $150k After Denying His “IM GOD” License Plate 😆

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Good for Mr Hart! I think that if the legal systems around the world worked like that, there would be less religious arrogance. Of course, we know that even in the states some legal decisions can be marred by religious biases, but rules like this one provide some hope that more objectivity can be had along the way.
If claiming to god is that sacrilegious, just let god settle the issue. That guys should not have survived his Ohio years, right?
The power of the word is quite overrated.
The guy's argument was very clever. It is in the very nature of American individualism and self-reliance to trust oneself. Many American ideals are founded on the basis of people's self relaince and self-determination. people, in a way, become their own gods by trusting their impulses, their talents and doing whatever must be done, usually against all odds, to get things done.
American innovation owes a lot to this aspect of its culture.
I applaud Mr Hart's determination to go all the way through this suit and I applaud the judge who ruled in his favor. It's a pity the compensation went mostly to lawyers.