Sci-Fi Saturday - Duncan Downham and Wes Sturdevant on the 🌞 (DAM) Show! 3/7/2020

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The Daily Atheist Morning (DAM) 🌞Show 3-7-2020 - Sci-Fi Saturday Special Guest: Duncan Downham and Wes Sturdevant from the Obscure Observations Channel will be joining me on the DAM 🌞 Show this morning!

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🎯 Special Guest: Duncan Downham
📌 Duncan is a fledgling writer and recently YouTube host who is in over his head. The Obscure Observations Channel covers religion and politics in an attempt at gaining understanding and unity.
📌 Twitter: @DuncanRoses
📌 YouTube:

🎯 Special Guest: Wes Sturdevant
📌 Wes Sturdevant is in the process of writing several books with Duncan Downham and is wanting to start an educational podcast on science and reason. He spends much of his time as an admin for several religious and science-based Facebook groups. For fun, he likes to debate Christians on various topics.
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📌 YouTube:

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