Schlumbergera Plant with flowers that are delicate

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Hello all!

I hope you are doing well and are safe!

How to create coziness in the house? There are many ways to create a cozy home. Can there be coziness without plants in the house? I think not. Flowers are pleasing to the eye and create a special joyful, I would say festive atmosphere in the house. Especially if they are flowering plants


Schlumbergera is a beautiful plant that is suitable for any home!


Would you like to have a tropical Brazilian exotic flower in your home? Get a Schlumbergera, a wonderful delicate flower!

You probably know what the Sources report about the flower:

Zygocactus came to Europe 205 years ago (1816) from the rainforests of southeastern Brazil. The flower got its name in 1858 - Schlumbergera after a French breeder.

In the natural environment (in the Southern Hemisphere) Zygocactus flowers in summer. Under room conditions (Northern Hemisphere) plants bloom following their natural calendar (November, December, January). Therefore, the popular name of the plant "Christmas cactus".

And once again the plant has bloomed! This is November 2021. Yes, two days ago.


I have had Schlumbergera growing for several years now. Maybe 10 years already. And every year pleases its blooms with amazing bright colors

This bright scarlet flower was given to me by my mother-in-law.


Several years ago a friend of mine gave me a cuttings of a flower with 3 segments. Schlumbergera blooming with white flowers.I grew it myself!


This is how the flower bloomed last year. I am waiting for it to bloom this year as well.


Schlumbergera is unpretentious, I did not have any special difficulties with the cultivation. Although in recent years the flowers appear in different seasons.

In summer the plants are on the terrace, in a well-lit place. In late autumn, I return the plant to the house, on a window sill with a shady side. During vegetation, they require adequate hydration, and after flowering I reduce watering. I water when the top layer of soil in the pot is dry.

I wish you flower growers success!

Are we having fun? #club5050

Next will be


Original photos by @leylar

Take care and all the best!

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Очень красивый кактус и цветут вовремя, к Рождеству, когда другие цветы спят.

....да, с такими нежными алыми лепестками. Жду когда выпустит цветочки белый,... пока нет.

 2 months ago 

Спасибо за потрясающе красивые фотографии и спасибо за подсказку о цветущем кактусе. По-тихоньку уже подбираю коллекцию цветов, которые буду высаживать на моем балконе.

На рынке сейчас такое разнообразие сортов, удивляющих окрасов: белые, розовые, кремовые, от оранжевых до фиолетовых.😊
Спасибо, что заглянули.

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😳🤔😂 Do you doubt it?

Ой, какие красотулечки!!!)))) Просто радуется душа!!!

Вы правы, Валентина, цветы всегда радуют глаз!

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