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We launched Fur-friends community yesterday, the very first community on Steemit for pets and their owners. We were really delighted to see many people take active interest in it and are ready to network with pet lovers from around the world. We say thank you for supporting this project. This is our second publication and a call for all pet lovers to bring their pets to fur-friends.

Why bring Introduce your pets to Fur-friends?

This community is about pets and their lovers. When you meet someone for the first time, it is usually nice to do an introduction. Fur-friends community wants to connect pet lovers on the steem blockchain together. We also want to create a profile, an identity for your lovely pet in the community. We cannot achieve this without a proper introduction by you the owners. So we want you to introduce your pet to us. If you do not own a pet, but has a neighbor of family members that has, still create this introduction post for it if the owner has no intention of joining steem.

Once the introduction posts start coming, we will build a gallery of all the pets on the Steem blockchain so that new comers to this community can easily access all the pets and their owners in a single publication. We will update the publication or gallery once every week to reflect the new pets that join us.

What to include in your introduction post

Its all about your pet. So you are free to write every detail you want everyone to know about your lovely pet. However, your post should contain the following important details:

  • Pet name
  • Country of Origin
  • Sex
  • Breed (If known)
  • Health Status
  • Behaviour/General characteristics
  • Any other details

After writing about your pet, we also need a little info about the owner. So at the bottom of your publication, you can write a one-paragraph bio about you. You could write about:

  • Your name
  • Occupation
  • Likes/Hobby
  • Country of Origin
  • City of residence

Keep it short and simple. One or two paragraphs is enough.

Your post should have this title: Hello fur-friends, I am happy to join this community. My name is (Pet name).
Your first tag should be fur-friends. Remember to subscribe to and make your post in Fur-friends community. You can join us on Whatsapp and Discord. Check the links at the bottom of this post.

After making your introduction, you can drop the link under this post.

Rewards for making this introduction post

This is a new community started yesterday, our wallet balance is 0. But we have a sister community called @steemalive which will loan us some Tron and votes too. So we will send you 3 Tron and try to vote your posts with a value of at least $0.3.

Additionally, we hope that @steemcurator01 or 02, will find your posts and reward them with more valuable votes. Make sure to use the first tag fur-friends

How to Support Fur-friends

We have started a curation trail which is an important way to build some followers and vote your content with more value. Kindly join our curation trail. Just log on to: Then search for and follow fur-friends

You can also delegate to us, send us your donations to @fur-friends or vote our posts with value.


Thank you all in advance for supporting this community. We hope to move forward together and network with pet lovers around the world. Remember to invite you friends on Steemit here that own pets to join this amazing place. Together we can make it fun and enjoy of passion for pets.


Written by: @focusnow
For: @fur-friends

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Thank you @fur-friends for finally bringing to our doorsteps this wonderful community were pets can feel at home and feel valuable.

It is a welcome development and we move together, thank you once more.

#twopercent #nigeria

@iamlynxie. You have lovely dogs, very cute. We welcome them in advance to Fur-Friends.

Wow! I can't believe this is happening
A community for pet
Steemit is just wonderful
This is really great be news

I most say steemit is one of a kind

Best regards
Much love

@gracellagift. This is really a fun place. We can't wait to meet your pet or that of your friend. Join the fun early

This is a very wonderful community for the lovers of pet, i will make my entry before the day runs out.

Send your pets here. We can't wait to have them. Thank you in advance for supporting fur+friends. @mato445

Hello @fur-friends, I am supper excited to introduce my pets to you. Please click here to know my pets.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

It's so interesting meeting Hazel and Lola. Cute bunnies and they take the first spot our our gallery soon to be made. Thank you for.bringing them to Fur-Friends.

This is indeed a very great community for we who love pet, am so delighted to be here. My entry will come shortly.
Here is my entry

#affable #onepercent #nigeria

We can't wait to have your entry. The earlier the better. We will soon start a gallery of pets on Fur-friends. Your pet would occupy top spot once you Introduce it. @simonnwigwe.

Teddy is very cute, he looks very well cared for, I love his coat and color. @simonnwigwe

Hello @fur-friends,

I have made a post in regards to this Pet Introduction Task, below is yhe link to my entry;

Thanks for the wonderful moments with our pets, it only gets better with time.

#twopercent #nigeria

iamlynxie. We are super excited to meet Jazzy, At 9 years, it is still going strong. Although with some health issues, we are sure Jazzy will be with us for as long as this Community remains.

I love everything you have told us about JAZZY RANKZ, you are like I have all the vaccination cards for my pet Nano, it is important to take care of them. Blessings to you and your beautiful pet. @iamlynxie

Aww really? Am glad you like it and yes keeping up to date with pet vaccinations is paramount.

Thanks for the time in reading through @sacra97.

#twopercent #nigeria

If vaccines are important for dogs, they keep them disease-free, the vet always admired that I kept them impeccably packed in a plastic bag, he commented to me that he had seen many primers destroyed by the dog, dirty, he admired how I kept them, I have three already. @iamlynxie

si las vacunas son importantes para los perros los mantienen libres de enfermedades, el veterinario siempre se admiraba que yo las mantenia impecables metidas en un bolsito plastico, me comento que habia visto muchas cartillas destrozadas por el perro, sucias el admiraba como las mantenia yo, tengo tres ya.

It must be a very fast dog to put that name bullet, bala in my translation. It looks very cute and well cared for. Blessings for both of you @josepha

Thank you very much Dear.

Hola amigo! Me encanta está comunidad ya me pondré a escribir mi post! Una pregunta puedo escribir mi participación es español??? Saludos @leyxi209!

Hola, eres libre de escribir en español. también invite a sus amigos a unirse a nosotros. Estamos esperando conocer a su mascota. Bienvenidos @leyxi209

Muchas gracias querido amigo!

This is an amazing initiative. I will surely make my entry soon after morning chores are over. It is wise to let you know my profile and that of my pets. @fur-friends

Thank you moderator @ngoenyi. You have very nice pets. Let's meet them.

Hola amigos! Aquí mi entrada, espero les guste!

Saludos y suerte a todos @leyxi209! Silvestre les manda saludos y abrazos!

Gracias por la invitación me encanta esta comunidad @leyxi209 lindísimo tu mascota, cuida mucho a tu gatitto tan lindo.

Jejeje todo un placer amiga @sacra97, sí es muy cierto esto es na gran comunidad! Claro lo cuidaré y lo mantendré muy lindo jejeje!

Hola.. Saludos, estoy emocionada por particpar y mostrar mi lindo perrito.
Gracias por crear este espacio para ellos.

@albaandreina. estamos felices de tenerte cerca. Preséntanos a tu mascota. Estamos felices de conocerlo y darle la bienvenida.

Holi! adoro esta comunidad!, al fin encuentro una comunidad en donde mostrar a mi adorado Azabache, muy pronto dejaré su presentación ;3
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Me encantó el paseo por la comunidad, poco a poco se iran incorporando otros, aqui hay muchas personas que aman a sus mascotas. @fur-friends, gracias por el espacio.
Invitando a @aurodivys, @mafalda2018 y @marybellrg con sus hermosas mascotas.

Gracias @fur-friends, por permitirme presentarles al nuevo miembro de nuestra Manada excelente iniciativa, al amigo @focusnow gracias por la invitacion a traves de este Post. aca les comparto la presentacion del nuevo Miembro de nuestra Manada.


#twopercent #affable #venezuela.

Hola como estas, nos encanto este concurso de los animales aquí dejamos nuestra participación: