10 Dog Lifestyle You Should Know

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Do you think you know everything concerning the lifestyle or behaviors of your dog? Dogs is one of the pets display a wide range of lifestyles. Some of them are easy to understand while some are difficult to understand. For you to understand your dogs better you have to build a relationship with them, there by knowing these 10 lifestyles that is exhibit by dogs.

Showing Teeth and Biting
Have you ever come across your dog showing his teeth and bitting?
If your dog retracts lips to show teeth, he is aggressive or showing dominance. You should be very careful when your dog shows his teeth as he can end up biting you.

If this lifestyle is followed by
muzzle wrinkling and snarling, you should know that your dog is very unhappy. It is advisable not to come close to the dog when ever he start showing this lifestyle. If you dare come closer at the time when the dog is snarling you will be harm because at the point the dog do not care to know his ow

Barking and Yelping
If your dog barks so loud and rapidly, he may be acting out of aggression or he has sensed danger. A short and soft bark means that your dog is friendly or wants to play. If he produces a sudden, sharp yelp, you should know that your do is in serious pain.

Whining and Whimpering
If your dog produces a low, short whine or whimper, he is excited, anxious, or submissive. A prolonged whine or whimper shows that he is uncomfortable or in pain. According to what I have observed from my dog anytime he is in such mood he use body languages to get my attention.

Tilting Head to One Side
A dog tilts his head if he's uncertain about something he's really interested in. He can also show this lifestyle when waiting for more information, especially from the owner. In addition, he can tilt his head to listen to a sound and accurately determine its source.

Shaking Head
A dog shakes his head if he's relieved from tension. He also behaves this way after being aggressive or alert. In addition, you can see this body language from a dog that was seriously waiting for something.

Licking Lips
A dog licks his lips if he's stressed or uncertain. Sometimes, this body language can mean that your dog is sexually active. In addition, if you see him licking the lips of other dogs, you should know that he isn't ready to make friends with them. This lifestyle is common with puppies.

Pricking Ears
If your dog hold his ears forward or up if he's curious, aggressive, or wants to play or chase. If he holds his ears flat and close to the head, he's scared or insecure. In addition, if he holds his ears apart but not flat, he's likely to be sad or unsure.

It's advisable that you always look into the behavior of your dogs to acertain what is wrong with him because if you fail to know when your dog is angry it might put you in trouble at the time he bit someone.

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