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Asslam-u-Alaikum Siz Family

I hope you are all well.
Today I will share with you a pickle recipe that we can easily make at home.


Homemade pickles are more useful than commercial pickles and can be used for a long time.


Raw Mango3kg
Cordia Myxa4kg
Green Chilli1kg
Mustard Oil3Liters
White Gram1/2kg
White Salt1cup
Fenugreek Seeds100gram
Turmeric Powder100gram
Onion Seed100gram
Fennel Seed100gram



The first thing to do is to wash the raw mangoes.

Raw mangoes have to be cut.
Nuts have to be taken out of it.
Raw mangoes have to be cut into small pieces.
After turning it into small pieces, leave it in the sun for two to three hours to get rid of the moisture.


Then you put mustard oil in a pot.
Put it on the stove.
Heat the mustard oil for a while.
Then add the Crodia Myxa.
Fry them for ten to fifteen minutes

When the Crodia Myxa is fried, place it in the open air to cool.


Then fry the green chillies in the same way in mustard oil.
Fry the green chillies for ten to fifteen minutes.
When the green peppers are fried, leave them to cool for a few minutes.


Boil white gram in water.
When they become soft, take them out

Put boiled lentils and green mango pieces in a pot, add salt and turmeric and mix well.


Then you soak cumin onion seeds fenugreek seeds together in water, take them out after a few seconds and dry them.


Now all our equipment is ready for pickling.
Now put all the material in a plastic bucket then put mustard oil in it.
Mustard oil must be at least enough so that all your material is immersed in it.
It doesn't spoil and you can use it for a long time like this our pickle which is usually made at home.
After two or three days, the pickle will fermentation . Everything will melt. The pickle will be delicious.

I am sure you will like this recipe and you will definitely make it at home.

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