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Assalamualaikum everyone. I hope all of you are safe and enjoying the good health. By the grace of God I got a chance to write about the book I love and recited it repeatedly.
My Favorite Book Is

The book which is revealed by God not written by any human being.
It is revealed on our last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). It has total the Words of Allah. It is Divine guidance for humanity.

Link https://m.indiamart.com/proddetail/quran-majeed-sada-14956545688.html
Quran MAJEED is the most read book in the world. It has 30 chapters. All the chapter have some instructions for leading a good life. Instructions are either direct or in the form of past stories having moral lesson.
Quran MAJEED is a complete code of life. It covers all the aspects of human life whether political, economical,social and personal life.
I have learn some of its surahs with translation also.
The first Surah in Quran MAJEED is

Surah Fatiha

This is also known as Surah Shifa. In this surah we praise God and then Pray to God for showing us the righteous pathe, the path of the people whom he showers his blessings.
In another Surah

Surah Youaf

The story of Prophet Yousaf (AS) is described in a in such a realistic way that the reader found himself in the era is Yousaf AS . This story have a great lesson of patience and trusting in Allah.

Surah Rehman

In this Surah Allah describes about his blessings upon human being. This Suraht is the most interesting and soul touching in Quran. If you listen the tilawat of Surah Rehman ,you literally entered in a new world.It gives hermony to soul.
At another place in

Surah Hujrat

Allah Taala gives us instructions for our daily routine lives.


describes the summary of the unity of Allah .

Suraht u Nass

provides us protection from evil eyes,bad deeds.
114 surahs are in total. The brief discription of all are not possible to give in this short post.
The complete book is written in Arabic language having an impressive style. It's way of delivering is pretty much àpealing. The book was not sent for Arabs but it is for all mankind having no distinction of color, community,cast,creed,or religion. It is the book which will be beneficial for all mankind till the end of the world. Not a single person can change or alter any of it's line or verse because Allah has taken the responsibility of its safety.
Also the book is a miracle of Arabic language because no one can produce a single verse like Quran MAJEED.
The person who memories it by heart is called HAFIZ E QURAN and I am very thankful to Allah that among we five siblings four( my two brothers and two sisters) are HAFIZ E QURAN.
I would like to apeal all the people in this community who are non Muslims to read the Quran at least once.
Many thanks to @suboohi to give us a chance to participate in this super contest. Many thanks to @crypto and all team too.


MashaAllah MashaAllah Hafize e Quran🥰🥰

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Masha Allah .