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Today I am going to share about

Biometric Technology.


What is biometrics technology?

The word Biometrics is derived from two words. Bio means life and Metric means measurement.Hence it means the measurementor identification of a person's phisical parts. In this technology person's are identify by some aspects of biology.The use of Biometric technology is increasing speedily now a days in offices, corporation, security systems,markets,banks,ATMs and many other fields it is because due to bio metric authentication there is no need to remember the passwords ,keys and carrying the different types of token with us.

Components of biometric devices.

There are three main components of biometric devices.


It is scanning device to record the biometric factor ,finger face,lips,etc for being authenticated.


It is a software that helps to convert the scanned biometric data into a digital format and to compare and match the observed data with stored information.


A good database which can securely save biometric data for comparison.

Types of biometric identification

Biometric identification has two main types.
1•Physiological characteristics
2•Behavioral characteristics.

Physiological characteristics

Physiological identifiers include the following identifications
1• Facial recognition
2• Fingerprints
3• Iris recognition
4• Retina scanning
5• Voice recognition
6• DNA testing
7• Geometry of Fingers

Behavioral identification:

Behavioral identifiers include the ways in which individuals perform.
These include:
1• Recognition of typing patterns
2• Finger movements,
3• Website and social media using patterns
4• Moving and walking gestures.
Behavioral identifiers remains a newer method and have less reliability as compared to physiological identifications .But it has possibality to increase its usage after some improvements in biometric technology.

Biometric technology can be used to access information on a device like a smartphone, but there are also many other ways biometrics can be used.
For example, biometric information can be stored on a memory card, where a biometric recognition system will read an individual's biometric information, and comparing that against the biometric information stored on the smart card.

Plus points of Biometric technology:

The use of biometrics technolgy has many advantages and disadvantages regarding its use, security, availability and other related functions.
Biometric technology has the following benefits.
•Lowers the chances of stealing password and token.
•Improve the security
•Easy and applicable in daily life.
•Stable and lifelong because fingerprints and other biological patterns of a person ramains same throughout the life.
•It is non transferable.

Weak points of Biometric technology

Along some plus points there are some weak points too.
•It is a little bit costly to setup a biometric system. .
•Sometimes the system fails to capture all of the biometric datathen it may lead to failure to identifying a person.
•Chances to be hacked Databases holding biometric data.
•Multiple errors such as false rejection and false acceptance can still happen.
•If a user gets injured, then a biometric authentication system may not work, for example, if a user has cuts, burns and damage their hands or other body parts then a fingerprint or other scanner may not be able to identify the person.

Common biometrics in uses:

In smartphones:


Biometric technology is most commenly used in smart phones for securing the data and private chats. Finger print and facial recognition are used in securing the phons specially in unlockingthe phone or some other apps like Facebook, what'sapp and massenger.


Mobile franchises:

Biometric is done to issue the new Sim cards and change the existing ownership.

Law enforcement agencies:

Law enforcement agencies use biometrics systems for criminal IDs, such as fingerprint or palm print authentications.

In Nadra:

It is used in systems such as generating national identity cards for The people.

Healthcare centers:

It is used in healthcare centers and health insurance companies for identification specially fingerprints..

Airport security:

This field sometimes uses biometrics such as iris recognition.


It is also used in different offices for marking attendance of the employees.


Biometric technology is used in automatic Telling Machine while incquiring about cash balance and transactions.

Biometric technology is growing up rapidly in different fields where applicable,and producing pretty good results to ease people in securing and identifying.
Hope this will be informative to you. Special thanks to @cryptokraze @sizofficial and team.
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