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Assalamualaikum. Hope all of you will be fine in the best of your health.
Today I am feeling very excited to share the very informative post to all of you. The benefit of offering prayer (Namaz).

Namaz is second religious obligations to Muslims. The have to say prayer five times a day.
Namaz don't only have religious benefits but also it is proved scientifically. Namaz is a complete exercise in its own.
First we start Namaz by offering

( Wuzu)

Wuzu is complementary before offering prayer. It is a complete way of hygiene.


During Wuzu the following steps are performed

1•Washing hands

( Keeps the germs away)


( Helps to remove dust particles and germs from mouth and throat)

3• Cleaning nose

( Cleaning nasals remove the dusty particals in throat and makes the breathing easy, reduces nasal congestion and dryness.)

4•Washing face

( Clean and freshen up the facial skin and enhance the skin tone.)

4•washing hands upto elbows

( Reduce the risk of germ attack because it is an effective way to get hygiene.)

5•Performing Masah

( Relax the muscles of neck and nervous system and release the tention and anxiety.)

6•Washing feet to ankles

(Helps to prevent the feet from dust and fungal infection)
Following are the health benefits of Namaz

After Wuzu first step is to do



During this step a person stands straight with straight down arms and by keeping the feet evenly appart keeping the body straight and firm. This helps to improve the posture of body and reduces the pain at back ,knee and toe.

2. Takbir


Hands are raised to ears which helps to relax the arms muscle and increase the blood circulation.



This is the standing posture of namaz by lowering the hands to waist.It relax the shoulders and provide ease in breathing.





It is the bowing down posture in Namaz. A person bows down by putting the ands on knees and making the back and head straight aligned. During this posturs the muscles of back , thighs, Neck and calves are stretched completely. And the blood flows upward the body .



In this posture the person goes down by putting the hands and knees on floor and put down his forehead on the floor like shown.
This posture increase the blood circulation through head and brain. It reduces the risk of brain hemorrhage.This posture also increase the metabolism so improve digestion. It improves the working of spinal and vertebral column.



This is the sitting posture of Namaz. In this position a person sits down but weighing on the leg and feet. It improves the liver and stomach functioning. It helps to stren
gthen the muscles. The blood circulation Increases down parts of the body.



Salam is turning the neck left and right having a sight on shoulders. It is the best neck exercise which helps to relax the neck joints ,muscles of and shoulders and all linked nerves also prevent from headeach and migraine.
These are the scientifically proven benefits. Spiritual are also very peace giving. Namaz is a full and complete exercise for a healthy life. We should say prayers five times a day.
Stay blessed all. Hope this will be beneficial for you.
Thanks for your time.
Special thanks to @sizofficial @cryptokraze and team.

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SubhanAllah. Every step of namz from wazoo to Salam is beneficial for us. Great post dear. And your son is MashaAllah adorable

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Thank you. My pleasure 🥰

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I am very happy to see your post.
I really like your topic. And you are right.
It is very important for every Muslim.
Thanks for remember me namaz benefits.
I really appreciate your work my bedt wishes for you.
Remember me in your prayers.
Regards, @faran-nabeel