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Today I am going to presenta very informative topic of Information Technology, which is

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence abbreviated (AI) is the the ability of a digital computer or robot to perform different tasks associated with intelligent beings. This term is mostly used to the project of developing systems with the intellectual characteristic of humans, such as the ability to reason, analysis, interpret, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from past experience. It has been seen that computers can be programmed to carry out very difficult tasks for example, discovering proofes for mathematical theorems or playing chess . Still have continuing advances in computer working process, speed and memory capacity, there are no such programs that can match human over wider ranges or in tasks related to everyday knowledge. At the same time some programs have reached the performance levels of human expertise and proved professional in performing certain tasks.Artificial intelligence System are found working in applications such as in medical diagnosis, in search engines, and recognition of voice or handwriting .

Working of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Machine Learning :

It is a process to teaches a machine how to make interpretation, inferences and decisions based on past experience.

Deep Learning :

It is a ML technique. In this a machine learns to process inputs by working on layers in order to classify, interpret and predict the outcome.

Neural Networks :

Thse are a series of algorithms that captures the relationship between various underlying variables and processes the data likehuman brain .

Language Processingc:

It is a process of read, understanding, manipulating a language by a machine. By understanding what the user wants to communicate, the machine responds accordingly.

Computer Vision :

A Computer vision understand an image by breaking down the image and analysing it's different parts.

Cognitive Computing :

By Cognitive computing algorithms try to copy a human brain by analysing text,speech,images,objects in a same way like human does and gives the desired output.

Types of Artificial Intelligence


There are three Types of Artificial Intelligence.

1•Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

2•Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

3•Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

1• Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

This is the most common typeof AI that is fined in the market . These Artificial Intelligence systems are made to solve a single problem and would be able to perform a single task at single time correctly. these have narrow capabilities, like recommendation of a product for a user or prediction of weather.

2• Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI is just a conceptual still. An AGI system would be consists of millions of Artificial Narrow Intelligence systems working in line and connecting each other up to level of human reasoning. This degree of intelligence has cognitive level of human being and can perform function such as processing of language,images, computation etc.

3• Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

Artificial super intelligence (ASI), is not a real life phenomena in present days. It's a hypothetical term.It is the level of AI that could'nt just mimic or understand human being and behaviour; but also the time where machines become self-aware and compete the capacity of human intelligence and ability.

The Purpose of Artificial Intelligence?


The basic purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI)is to help human being make precise decisions with long-term consequences. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to facilitate humans lives more meaningful lives, abstain them from doing hard labour, and help them to manage the complex issue of individuals, societies,companies, states and nations to work in a goodmanner that is beneficial for all.

(AI) Benefits for Students

A student has a simple goal, to obtain a degree or diploma proving hisknowledge. AI is helpful for students to achieve this goal by facilitating and streamlining the education process. It provides access to the right courses, improvim communication with teachers and peers, providing leisure to perform other tasks.and hence left a significant impact on the students’ educational process. Here are some common examples .


Personalization is one of the biggest area in education. By using AI, students now have a specific personalized approach to their learning programs depends opon on their own unique experiences and needs and demands. Through AI one can adapt to each student’s level of knowledge, duration of learning and set goals so he can getthe most out of his moreover AI ' s produced solution can analyze students’ level of learning , background histories, identify his weaknesses and identify the courses best suited to his personality.


Most of the students have timing issues with teachers but the problem of shortage of time can be solved through AI. AI tools can help students polish their skills and improve weakness outside the classroom. These tools provide a one-on-one learning experience in absence of the teacher and present there to answer questions all the day.

Quick responses:

Teachers are mostly frustrated by asking questions repeatedly. AI can help students find answers to their asked questions in seconds throug automation intelligence. It helps to free up sometime for educators, and also helps students to spend less time on finding answers .
Learning along a global village: AI has make learning accessible for all students, anytime and anywhere. Each student can learns at their own desire, their own requirements and their own time span .
Moreover students from all over the world can have access to quality education free of cost.

AI Benefits for Educators

Educators want to give more time in educating students face to face , , doing research and continuing their own education, but they don’t have the required time availability to do so. Artificial intelligence help educators by freeing up their time by providing automation to different points of work and analyzing the student performance and hence helps to lessen the Educational gap.
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