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Assalamualaikum every one.Hope all of you will be fine and enjoying the good health. Today I came up with another interesting IT topic that is

Blue Brain Technology

Now the question here is

What is Blue Brain Technology?

The blue brain technology is a program that offers a blue brain — the first artificial brain ever made. The Brain Mind Institute (BMI) and the International Business Machines (IBM) teamed up to launch the Blue Brain Project (BBP) in July 2005 with the ultimate goal of mimicking the brain data of a mammal. It aims to gain a better understanding of biological intelligence and its processes using blue brain technology. Presented by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) by its founder Henry Markram, a strong advocate for the simulation of the human brain.
The blue brain technology is a visual machine powered by artificial neural networks (ANNs). It is one of the most advanced functions of artificial intelligence (AI) in the human brain that aims to deal with the many stressful problems involved in brain function, human brain and cognition.

How Does Blue Brain Technology Work?

The blue brain technology uses a large Blue Gene computer developed by IBM to begin the brain simulation process. The ultimate goal is to create a program that can load the human brain into a computer. By doing so, the machine can detect and determine whether or not a human body is present.
The human brain is extremely complex with millions of synapses and simultaneous transfers. This is the main reason why people react to a situation in real time. Using a standard machine for such a project is not possible. Thus, IBM created the Blue Gene supercomputer to act as a visual link between the human brain and the computer using tiny robots or nanorobots, also called nanobots.
These nanobots are small enough to stay in and move through the body through the circulatory system. They can then read, monitor, and provide updates about the brain, including neuronal communication.

How can one upload data to Blue Gene?

Loading of brain data occurs with nanobots. Nanobots follow three basic steps, namely:
Information Access
As nanobots can pass through the human circulatory system, they are able to collect pieces of human brain and bring them under a microscope. This procedure allowed specialists to study the size of each neuron and electrical activity. All perceptions are transformed into algorithms that accurately describe the process, function, and placement patterns of each neuron. Algorithms then produce visual neurons that are considered biologically similar to those that actually exist. Once this is detected, the neurons mimic.

Data simulation

The simulation process has two components:
At present, blue brain technology can launch a single neuron moment of five minutes. That means imitating 10,100 neurons or a single cortical column can be 200 times smaller than in real life. The only way to further their work is to identify exactly what works.
In this step, algorithms aim to define and describe neurons as accurately as possible. They must adapt to the age and stage of the simulated brain disorder. First, algorithms must develop network bones that represent different types of integrated neurons. When finished, the cells are assembled according to the rules described earlier. Finally, mimicked neurons come alive and are visualized.

Data recognition

Blue brain technology uses RT Neuron to visualize neural comparisons. The software uses the effects from the simulation and feeds them into the system for viewing in 3D. This makes it easier for researchers and programmers to pause, stop, initiate, and zoom in on neurons, allowing them to study in depth with the imitated brain.
Blue brain technology was very important in ensuring the success of the Blue Brain Project after many years of study. Without you, brain imitation would be nothing without an ambitious project.


Benifits of Blue Brain Technology which

• With the work of the blue brain things can be remembered without effort, decisions can be made without human presence.
•Even after death a person can use his intelligence.
•The work of various animals can be understood.
•That means that by interpreting the electrical impulses from the animals' brains, their thinking can be easily understood.
•It can allow the deaf to hear direct sensory stimulation, and can be helpful in many mental illnesses.

Drawbacks of Blue Brain Technology

•Due to the blue brain system people will rely on computer programs. Technical information can be misused by hackers; Viruses will pose a serious risk.
•The real threat, however, is the fear people will have with the new technology.
•That fear could lead to a great deal of opposition.Clear evidence of this kind of fear is found today in relation to human nature.

In conclusion, we will be able to transfer the man to computers at some point. Many arguments against this effect seem easy to dispel. They have a simple idea, or they just need more time for technology to expand. The serious threats raised are also overcome as we see a combination of blood and digital technologies. While the road ahead is long, research is already gaining a good understanding from their model. Using Blue Gene supercomputers, up to
100 cortical columns, 1 million neurons, and 1 billion synapses can be simulated simultaneously. This is about the size of a bee's brain power. Humans, by comparison, have about 2 million columns in their cortices. Despite the complexity of such an effort, it is predicted that the project will know this by 2023.
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Thank you so much for sharing this amazing information with us, I never knew about Blue brain 🧠 technology, so I've learned something new.

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