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RE: SIZ Comment Contest || 10 Steem Prize Pool

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In my point of view @ramzanbaow is my best author for me



Here is lot of reason but I mention here inn just few words

  • And the reason is that I have learned a lot from his post
    The content of their post is very good and they always choose topics very well very well and they prepare their post in many details. Looking at his post, it seems that yes, hard work has been done in this post. Efforts appears in each of his posts

  • I think the best thing about his post is that he discusses in the first post what things he has explained in this post and also denies the conclusion that every person can understand from a result

  • His post is in very simple words so that everyone can understand it easily

Here I want to share some posts links also....


 3 months ago 

I like his post too. Thanks for your comment

 3 months ago 

Most welcome.

 3 months ago 

Thanks a lot @arinaz08
I am very happy and proud that you have selected me.

 3 months ago 

Most welcome and you deserve that