[announcement] Launching SIZ Members Support Program | Appreciating Talent and Quality | 300 Steem Monthly

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Dear Fellows,

This is @cryptokraze, Founder of community Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) with much awaited announcement that is about supporting my SIZ community members. It is great to see that SIZ members are doing great by adding value to the community with their tutorials and step-by-step guides. It is very important to appreciate talented and quality content creators. So, I have decided to support SIZ community members in every possible way I can with my available resources.

To show my commitment and willingness to add value to the community, I am launching SIZ Members Support Program which is an initiative that will support Daily Top Posts picked by @siz-official and the authors of those posts will be given Steem prizes from Community Official Grand Rewards Pool @siz-rewards.


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How SIZ Members Support Program Works ?

  • We will be picking Daily Top 5 Posts from talented and quality content creators starting from 1st June 2021.

  • SIZ management will select those posts daily and announce them through @siz-official.

  • We will distribute 10 Steem daily in prizes to the authors of top posts by giving 2 Steem to everyone.

  • SIZ Rewards Pool funds will be used to distribute daily prizes and we will continue this support throughout the month making the total prizes of 300 Steem every month.

  • In addition to Steem Prizes, we will give 100% upvote to the Top Authors through community curation account @siz-official.

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How You Can Support SIZ Members Support Program?

  • This initiative is taken to support SIZ members who are working hard and producing quality contents, so you can also support them by doing one of the following things.

  • You can transfer any amount of Steem or SBD to @siz-rewards if you want to add your share in this Members Support Program.

  • You can set @siz-rewards or @siz-official as your posts payout beneficiary whatever you feel comfortable, like 10% or 25%.

  • You can delegate your SP to @siz-official and take benefit of our Delegation Rewards Offer of getting up to 200% Curation Rewards

  • You can also use these quick delegation links. Just click on your desired amount of SP you want to delegate and it will be done in process of 1 minute.

Quick Delegation to SIZ
50 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2000 3000 4000 5000 10000

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  • Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) is determined to grow and support community members that are producing quality content. This SIZ Members Support Program is just an addition to add value to the community by @cryptokraze to support community members with available resources. I would like to invite all the steem stakeholders specially @stephenkendal, @steemchiller, @pennsif and community members to have a look at our SIZ Rewards initiative.

  • We are also very thankful to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for supporting our community and expect a response about our announcement of SIZ Members Support Program. We will be distributing 300 Steem monthly to support talented and quality content creators and your valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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  • In order to grow SIZ community official account, 50% of this Post Payout will go to @siz-official


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Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy


Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel


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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter : https://twitter.com/fxkraze

 2 months ago 

It's a great initiative. And you are giving 300 Steem from your own. You have a big heart.

10 Steem from my side to @siz-official to support the first 5 authors of 1st June 🌟


Thanks @vvarishayy for your kind gesture towards members support program.

 2 months ago 

Great, you have taken a good initiative to support your community. It will also motivate community members to work hard for community and made good content for community 👍

That is the idea to motivate members and get more engagement in community.

 2 months ago 

It will really work InshaAllah 👍

 2 months ago 

Really great initiative this will attract more people to this platform.our work will recognized
And get appreciated nothing good than this.

I hope more people will start participating on daily basis now.

 2 months ago 

This is too great.
Tanks for this..
I appreciate your effort for the members support.
God job.
Keep it man. 😊❤

Lets make some more good contents.

 2 months ago 

In sha Allah.

 2 months ago 

Really great initiative it's give member much encourage give everyone our best

Encouraging hard working members is very important

Great post Sir. Your post encourages us to work harder and we will do our best not only to participate in our daily routine but also to win. Thanks a lot

Trying to win will improve your skills as well.

yes sir.
thanks and welcome

 2 months ago 

Sir its great step to encourage and support new comers, we can express our abilites in more better way, thanks again for giving a chance to increase sp through this contest.

This will provide a chance to everyone for making best content and win.

Its good initiative for every members who shows own talent in siz. It is the great support for every member.

 2 months ago 

Very good move or like members of the SIZ community, very much a struggle

Wao that's great sir g i really are [email protected]

 2 months ago 

Surely its a great initiative. It will stimulate the members to showcase their talent and produce some quality contents.

Exactly that is the idea behind this support program because if quality content is not appreciated they will leave the platform.

Shared on Twitter

Thanks sir for organized this 300 steem prize pool for SIZ members. I will try to best for the reward.

I think it is the best step you have taken sir hope it will make rise in member and they show their talent in more better way
Best of luck and keep it up

Thanks Mr @cryptokraze for launching SIZ members support program.
Its is very good effort for everyone who make a post in our community.
And i am very happy and i am appreciate your work.

Keep it up SIZ

My best wishes for you.


Lets make some great quality posts.

 2 months ago 

This will add more value to the community and thank u for siz member support programm and it will be the best way to encourage best talent and quality content and appreciate them .

Adding value is the key mission of SIZ and this initiative is just another step towards this mission.

I was expecting this kind of initiative from the community admin like you. Brilliant buddy and even all the other community admins should need to start this type of rewards to support their community member and it will add more values to their content/efforts.

Have a nice day😊

Thanks jawad for appreciating. I am taking all these steps to encourage members so that they can feel getting appreciated and win some prizes as well.

Very informative post . Keep growing sir.

It's a great opporunity for the members of steem infinity zone to share their skills and win the steem

We will see some more quality stuff and skills now.

Thanks a lot for do this effort for Steeem Infinity Zone member.
This effort is great for appreciating every member of SIZ Community

Wonderful realy appreciate your efforts

This method of yours is very wonderful, it will support us

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