Refer A Friend | Contest #06 | Win Daily Steem Prizes (500 Steem Budget)

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I am really thankful to all the active members of SIZ who are bringing their friends to SIZ Community. You can participate in the contest Refer A Friend where you can win Steem prizes by bringing your friends to SIZ community.

80% of Post Payout goes to @siz-official

Contest #06 is Open Now

refer a friend.jpg

The idea behind this contest is to get more people joining SIZ community from different parts of the world. So you can refer your steemit friends who are sharing content already as well as bring new people to steemit platform.

This contest is different in terms that you don't need to make a separate post. You have to refer your friend by getting them subscribed to Steem Infinity Zone. You need to tag your friend steemit username in the comments section of the contest post.

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How to Participate in this Contest ?

1 - You should tell your friend about the Vision and purpose of SIZ community so that they understand this community is about educating others to bring value to their life.

2 - You must tag username of your friends in the comment section for a valid entry.

3 - The person you are referring should subscribe to SIZ community. Already subscribed members usernames cannot be used for entry.

4 - Your friend must also make a comment telling us that he has joined SIZ Community.

5 - The person you are referring must have reputation of 30 or above.

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Rules and Regulations

  • Only those entries will be accepted where new members will be subscribing SIZ.
  • You can only make one entry per day and maximum 2 people can be referred in that entry.
  • The person you are referring must have reputation of 30 or above.
  • Your friend must subscribe Steem Infinity Zone Community.
  • The Contest time will be closed when new contest post is published.
  • You will get 1 Steem as prize per friend Referred if all the requirements are fulfilled.
  • Prizes will be transferred to winners through @siz-rewards within 24 hours of the winners announcement.

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Winners for Contest # 05

  • We have 7 valid entries in Contest #05 - Refer A Friend where 8 new members joined Steem Infinity Zone Community.
  • We are distributing prize of 1 Steem for adding each new member to SIZ community.
  • Congratulations to all the Winners and your rewards will be transferred to your wallets from @siz-rewards.
Winner NamePrize
@chimeroselam1 Steem
@mosman1 Steem
@madilyn021 Steem
@fortwis091 Steem
@ashkhan1 Steem
@sammypoet2 Steem
@gilferin791 Steem

Let's Win Together with SIZ

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We are also very thankful to Steemit team for supporting our community and hope you will like this effort to bring new members from different countries joining SIZ community

This contest is designed to increase engagement and grow the community, 80% of all contests posts Payout will go to @siz-official

Special Thanks to @stephenkendal and @steemchiller

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Click Here to Join Official SIZ Discord Channel

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Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discords : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter :


I have joined. I am inviting @marlon82 and @momshie16 to join Steem Infinity Zone Community. It's a community about educating and to empower people. Steem on!

Thank you for inviting me @momshie85

Hello I have joined this zone and I refer @amaizing grace and @pixiepop to join too

Thank you for referring me.

 3 months ago (edited)

@ubongudofot @delightdear
subscribe to this wonderful community!

 3 months ago 

Invite only 2 friends in a day. Because max prize is for 2 invites only.

So save the other to make entries in upcoming contests.

 3 months ago 

Okay thank you!

 3 months ago 

They have not joined SIZ. Invalid Entry.


This contest has been included in the daily Active Contest Listing

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 03rd September 2021 – Win 2850+ STEEM

Follow & Resteem for more updates.

This community is one of the best, we can learn a lot by joining this community steem Infinity Zone. I invite @freshbeauty and @natz04

Thanks for inviting my friend👍. I'll visit this community later.

Done subscribing friend.


Welcome migo👍

Me unido a esta comunidad @steem infinity zone se trata de educar para tener un mayor de conocimiento en su vida con steemit. Invito @nahela @rhina07 para un mayor crecimiento.

 3 months ago 

They have not joined SIZ. Invalid Entry.

Another great community that I have subscribing, For sure I have a lot of lessons learned from this community. Referring this to my friends: @chibas.arkanghil, @autumnbliss.

Thank you, done subscribe. Hopes we have get some great ideas out from this community. Refers to a friend, @lailyn.lariosa and @noaj invited you to subscribe this community.

Done subscribing, thank you so much for this invitation. I will also refer to @agentlin423 and @melinjane. Kindly subscribe this community because it is a wonderful community.

Thank you, you can invite also.

 3 months ago 

1 of them joined.

Thank you sir.

Done subscribe.

Thank you @chibas.arkanghil for the invitation.. Done subscribe.. And I would like to invite @nathan49 and @lemjoo to join Steem Infinity Zone Community and also to subscribe.. Thank you..

 3 months ago 

Invalid entry. They did not joined yet.

I would love to invite @nikkypeter to this great community.
@nikkypeter, the purpose and vision of this community is to educate and empower others. Subscribe to SIZ community and you won't have any regret you did.

Thanks for the invite, I will subscribe and also join in the contest

I invite @latifah09 and @shadia931 to subscribe to this community. It is basically for educating users . All you have to do is subscribe and comment “joined” here.

Woow thank you dear for the invite really I have loved this community

Ok dear

 3 months ago 

1 of them joined SIZ.


Hello, thanks for the invite I have also joined

I want to invite @remay and @five5 to subscribe this wonderful community.

 3 months ago 

1 joined only

Thank you adylinah for inviting me to this community, I have subscribed to it, I also want to invite @vickydear to subscribe to steem infinity zone community, as this community will educate and encourage us to give quality post and make quality comment, it will encourage us to be more active in steemit.

Thank you

@mukadas and @illy123 i think this community is the best community to educate you on various sectors through contests and also a community with an initiative on how to make the world a better place so it will be good to join and participate in activities of this community.

Done. @mukka

Joined thank you @mukka

WOW nice community, i have subscribed, I'm inviting @rose-o and @samsteem1000 to join this educative community

Thanks I'll check it out now

Done subscribing @goodybest , thanks for the invitation

 3 months ago 

Aww thanks for responding, you can start publishing your quality contents right away!

Hello @caleb-marvel are you looking for a community that aims at empowering people and helping newbies like us, well steem infinity zone is the right place to be, were it empowers us and gives assistance to us. So kindly join this community through this link;
And reply 'i have suscribed'

i have suscribed

 3 months ago 

I invite my friends
to join this community. Comment below that you have subscribed to this community. Thank you.

 3 months ago 


Hi @joshua002, I invite you to join the steemit infinity zone community which aims at educating and empowering people on steemit platform.
Please join this community which fills the need of everyone.

Subscribe to steem infinity zone here

 3 months ago 

The user did not subscribe yet. Invalid Entry

The day isn't over yet in my country. I do trust that the user will subscribe before the end of the day.
Please I suggest you give me some more time before tagging my entry invalid.

I invite @shahzadsunny and @azeemch to subscribe to this community. It is basically for educating users . All you have to do is subscribe and comment “joined” here.

Thanks For menation.
Done I joined.✔️

Thank u Brother Salman
Done i am joined Community .
Yes Best community.

Having subscribed to Steem infinity Zone which is with a mission of Educating others to bring value to their lives; I'm inviting my friends @prolee and @kingcent to join this amazing community
Thank you ❤️

 3 months ago (edited)

I've joined...😊
In fact am a tutorial master here....😀

Chai 😁,
You're the best 🙌🤟❤️

it's a pleasure inviting me here, I will surely take the advantage here, many thanks to you @barnabie for recognizing me, God bless you sir

Bless you more 🙌🙌✍️❤️

I´m joined, invited a @yurianna2006 and @yury1977 to participate, it´s great.

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