Steem Infinity Zone Assets | Logo, Header, Divider, Footer, T-shirt, Caps

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SIZ is trying to do its best to look better and add contribution to Steem ecosystem from day one. In this regard, we have created assets for Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) community to get more professional looks and to be utilized in future community projects.

SIZ community assets were created on the initiative of @cryptokraze and @podanrj has been so helpful in terms of designs.


SIZ Logo

Our logo is made with the Lettermark concept for simplicity. Using just a few lettermark logos is effective in making our community brand effective because our names are already long. We will be creating different projects where SIZ letter mark will suit better (for example, SIZ Experts Panel or SIZ Contests)

This logo is the master logo for all of us, which means that this logo can be used wherever you need it or to convey part of the SIZ community. You can see more details on logo and its different styles and icons in SIZ Logo Post Introducing Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) Community Logo

SIZ logo 1.png

SIZ Headers

We have created two major styles in headers by having a simpler header where we can write the titles of posts with leverage. The other header is providing a white label mark at top side that can be used to write announcements, contests of tutorial words making them more prominent.

Note : You cannot use Headers because they will be used for making official posts in community by Admins only.



SIZ Dividers

We have created two types of dividers to make posts attractive because it is good to present posts by diving different parts. Main divider will be used to give emphasis on main theme of the posts while the other divider will be used to separate different parts of the posts.

Divider 1.png

Divider 2.png

SIZ Footer

It is important for a good community having a proper footer to show its main theme or vision at end of the posts. So we have created two footers where the main footer is having SIZ logo and Vision written on it inviting everyone to join SIZ. While the other footer is having a logo and blank space for adding different texts depending upon the projects and events.


Footer 2.png

SIZ Promo Assets

Steem Infinity Zone is planning to go one step ahead and will be promoting Steem in Pakistan so we have created assets for T-shirts and Caps. These are created to be printed on dark and white background and will be used for promotions and giveaways. We will be organizing events and recruiting team members all over Pakistan.



Divider 2.png

Permission to Use SIZ Assets

  • Steem Infinity Zone (SIZ) assets are created to be used for SIZ projects but you can use these assets for your posts in SIZ community.
  • You cannot use Headers because they will be used for making official posts in community by Admins only.
  • You can use Logo, dividers, footers and promo assets (T-shirts and caps) but please use them wisely.

Divider 2.png

SIZ Assets Files

If you want to use the SIZ Assets (Logo, Dividers, Footers, T-shirts and caps), you can download it at the following link:


Divider 2.png

We would like to pay special thanks to @steemcurator01 for continuous support and @arie.steem and for their continuous guidance for SIZ community. At the same time, we would like to mention @stephenkendal, @steemchiller and @pennsif for inspiring and motivating us with their support and recognition to SIZ. We will do our best to provide value to the community and help making a better Steem ecosystem.

Steem Infinity Zone Team
@cryptokraze | @arie.steem | @qasimwaqar | @vvarishayy


Publisher : @cryptokraze
Discord : FxKraze#2451
Telegram : @FxKraze
Twitter :

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It's perfect!!!!!!!
The decision you have made About we can also use some of the assets of SIZ will show actual Consistency in our community

 2 months ago 

The designs are amazing. We'll definitely use them in our posts.☄

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It's just wow. Greatest branding
Its very attractive designs. I am amazed to see your designed Footers.

Wow Wow Wow!! I became fan of your creativity and your logos and divider designs are just awesome.
Keep up the good work!

Thank you for liking SIZ assets.

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Wow cool design sir. Such amazing logo

Sir, your community has moved forward very quickly and Inshallah has moved on like this. It's a very good community

Wow, what a brilliant idea very nice header or footer, so creativ good job sir.

Great Post! you are the best designer. We will learn many things from you and SIZ team.
Thanks for showing us!

Professional community with professional peoples

Hey @cryptokraze
Great Designs i like it

we are very happy to join this comunity
in sha allah this comunity will hellp to increase the level of our nation keep it up

Wao @cryptokraze you are doing such a hard work.
I like really.
Keep it up man 💥💥

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Great efforts sir it's so attractive and eye-catching logo and divider designs. We definitely use it in our post.

This too great..
Top class logos
Very well.
Keep it up man.

Thanks a lot 🤗for posting this blog
These header,footer, logo and assets are designed like a brand community logo and in future this community will became a brand on steem!!

No dout our community growing fastly

@cryptokraze you are doing well 👍. very appreciated
I like all logos.
These logos like a brand😎

Amazing Talent. Great Creativity. You always get something new. Which would be of great benefit to us members and the community. Thank you so much ..

I really like the logo and assets you have created, they will be great for the community

Dear Sir, your effort is too much for our community and you deserves emcouragement and thanks because you have already worked for this community and for community members such as you announced different Competition, you are shared great information about steemit account, how to login account etc. And then amazing Logo, Header, Divider, Footer, T-shirt, Caps.
I'm also use footer and logo for the beauty of my posts.

Very nice logos . I really like it .

Nice designs of t shirt and caps we will surely use in our next posts

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Wow nice designs 👍

 2 months ago (edited)

Sir @cryptokraze I really like your creativity skills and logos designs and specially your divider it's amazing and awesome ❤
And I really like this divider can I share your SIZ divider in my post
Divider 1.png

Divider 2.png

Please contact me on discord. I will decide after seeing your content to allow you or not.

Yes sure sir i will contact you.
Thanks for making this wonderful community.

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You are doing a great job.
It will make our community look beautiful.

It will give our community four moons.

I commend you for this great deed.

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Wao good creativity

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Fantastic! You are doing well to promote the steem in Pakistan. All the assets are appreciated.
Keep growing

Wao great idea for making our Post attractive .

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really great efforts sir design are THE BEST.your efforts for this community is incredible.

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