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Many people ask about bread its good or not because french people are thin but they eat 🥪

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"if bread is so bad, why is the Frenchman so thin?" this question arises frequently.

Of course, typical French delicacies can include a few loaves, but it is also a high-quality first. distinctive French delicacies and specific to traditional cuisine.

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if we learn the French way of life, the French more:

• consumes 4x butter
• Eat 60% more cheese
• consume one hundred and eighty grams of animal fats from animal sources compared to seven and two American grams
• Eat red meat 3x
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• You have little or no vegetable oil
• has low hfcs
• no longer have permission to confirm
• like to store traditional food
• have strict hygiene rules
• use less sugar
• you can eat very little

which would be very interesting that they now do not allow for consolidation. In the United States, Canada and the UK, we have mandatory laws that supplement our weight loss program with iron and vitamins.

that is why people have a problem digesting less food while eating grains in European parts of the world.

for example, iron can trigger many problems, especially oxidation-related issues.

the metal can:

• disrupts bacterial resistance
• It's very liquid
• You can increase your risk of diabetes
• You can increase your risk of Alzheimer's

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• can increase the risk of heart disease

antioxidants and artificial nutrients are also less effective. the use of processed nutrients, such as those that strengthen our diet, can increase oxidation, which can increase infection and your insulin resistance.