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Ways to be healthier in life

  • There are many different things in our lives that contribute to being healthy or being healthier.
    There are many factors.

Eat better


  • • Eat better, because nutrition to many diseases a lesser quality of life and a shorter life span while; good quality foods such as fruits and vegetables provide our bodies with energy vitamins minerals and fiber which in turn enhance proper bodily function..


• Exercise can decrease the risk of many diseases and enhance quality of life.
• it can also improve mental health strengthen muscles and bones help to control weight.
• Improve memory.

Move more


  • • Just moving our body can improve the health. With the advancements in technology sedentary lifestyles have gotten greater and greater phones tablets and being able to watch TV anywhere anytime has brought everyday bodily movement to an all-time low moving your body more can improve circulation oxygen use heart health and sleep.

sleep better


  • The lack of sleep has been to an increased risk of many diseases as well as lack of productivity. Good quality sleep has been shown to
    • Improve memory
    • Decrease stress
    • Increase creativity
    • Increase athletic performance

Spend time with people.

• Lack of social connections have been shown to
• Increase stress.
• Impaired immune system function.
• Cardiovascular function.
• Having strong quality connections with other

people improves self-confidence

• Mental health.
• Energy levels.


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