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Greetings of the Day ..!

Hello My Dear Siz-Community Friends ...!!

I hope you guys will be Happy and enjoying Eid-ul-fitr Days.I did well too.I like this Eid because it is called Sweet Eid.This Eid has been given to us by Allah as a gift.On this Eid we eat sweets, go for walks and eat new foods.On this Eid, everyone meets their loved ones.Everone wear new clothes.Today I though I should share my Eid Vibes with you.So you guys could know how I celebrate my Eid.Actually on All eid events we go to our village and celebrate this sweet event on our Dado's home.I hope you all guys will share your beautiful eid memories with me and all other community zone friends.

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Chand Rat Vibes ;

As we all know we didn't even know on chand rat if Eid was tomorrow or not because it was announced late that Eid is tomorrow.Well we celebrate chand rat around 12 clock.We applied henna, wear bangles and eat sweet.

Here are some pictures of chand rat:

mehndi (2).jpg

Love to Wear Bangles;

chand rat.jpg

How is it possible that it is Eid and not sweet


Eid 1st Day Vibes ;

On the first day of Eid-ul-fitr we always cook some sweet dishes like sweet kheer and sawyan,sweet rice etc,. So I eat sweet ice cream .Then I offered eid prayer with family and congrats each other.After that I get ready for Eid ; wear new clothes, applied some makeup and go for my uncle home for wishing them eid greetings.Then I meet with my cousins and we enjoy there a lot.When i come home in the evening , the guest have come , spend some time with them, the first day of eid was over.


Getting ready for Eid ;


My Picture ;

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2nd Day of Eid ul Fitr ;

Second day of Eid was also very good-dressed in new clothes .We went to have pizza with the family.I also took Eid from my father.After returing, we go to khala's house in the evening.

My Picture ;


Pizza Party ;


Evening with my favourite Dish ;

fruit chat.jpg

Yummy Food ;

yum food.jpg

Eid-3rd Day ;

Third day of eid was so tiring.I made food for my family.My favourite dishes are Chicken karahi and Rice.Everyone ate with pleasure.After the meal,everyone will go for a walk.

chicken karahi.jpg

Egg Fried Rice ;


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Wow eshal Your yummy pizaa.We missed pizza at this eid , now you should have to invite me😋

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hhahahha sure pizza is such a delecious thing that everbody fells crazy to see it.ooh sure you are invited from now.

Nice personality.

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Great post i really like it

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I like your post sis ☺️😊. Keep it up