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Hey Guys I hope you all will be fine and doing yours best in your life....!
Today I thought I should share some of my Photography and some memories of my University life with you.Everyone has a , just as I love photography.That's why I keep taking beautiful pictures.



A beautiful memory of a beautiful tour with beautiful friends at the top of Murree.


Every scene is beautiful but i find the evening scene more beautiful.It keeps reminding us of our loved ones.Taking pictures is creating memories.Make memories be happy.


naran khazan.jpg

Your friends are like your family.I used spend a lot of time with my friends.I used to go out to northern areas .We were always together at tour.Here are some of my beautiful memories with them.



Pakistan is very beautiful country. it has many beautiful places to visit like abotabad,chitral,murree and swat.I had many toures with my friends from my university.



Apple is my favourite fruit when i go to in a swat garden i saw many beautifult tress of apples there.Nature always attract.This picture shoes the beauty of word.


This is the picture of my favourite place.From here i used to go for the photography every year with fellows.





steemit infinity zone is a good platform for everyone.We can learn much information about different aspect.We enjoy a lot also by spending time in such activities.We can connect with one another through this platform.


I would like to invite my friends.





Your passion of photography is so good .
Good post.
keep it up.

Your Photography is so awesome, you will become a great and best photographer in the future. You have to continue your Passion with continuous struggle.
You are looking so nice in the picture.
Best of luck!

بہت خوب بہت پیاری تصاویر ہیں ۔آپ کہاں سے تعلق رکھتی ہیں

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Beautiful eshal thanks for sharing your graphics with us its just awesome views you have captured