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Greeting to all Steemains. Hopefully, you all are fine and enjoying a great and blessed life with the grace of GOD. I'm going to share the most important topic Internet connections.

Internet connections

There are many different ways to connect to the Internet. Some are old technology, rather slow and used right now only when no other means are available, such as the old telephone line with a speed of 56 Kbps, the ISDN system, the GPRS and EDGE mobile phone systems. Modern technologies are called broadband:



Many fast connections, especially ADSL, suffer from network congestion: too many users are connecting at the same time and the Internet provider’s main cables are not able to support the users’ maximum speed multiplied by the number of users, and therefore must reduce the practical connection speed. Therefore the maximum speed is often only theoretical and some providers are offering a “minimum band guaranteed”: a minimum speed under which the connection may never fall.
Unfortunately, even in technologically advanced countries, there are still many areas where nor ADSL nor UMTS arrives, mostly due to the geographic conditions (mountains, islands, or long desert distances) and to the low inhabitants’ density. This phenomenon is called the digital divide: there are areas where the broadband connection does not arrive (8.8% of Italian families, while 16% of Italian companies do not have access to 20 Mbps connections), and, on the other hand, Internet services and especially the WWW is continuously going towards large size contents, cutting these people and companies off. In order to overcome this social problem, WiMAX is spreading, a sort of very long-range Wireless that arrives up to 10 Km but works only if the transmitting and receiving antennas are in the line of sight and whose theoretical speed of 70 Mbps decreases with distances to about 40 Mbps.



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Good post dear friend keep it up bro and keep learn with our steem fellows and friends and newcomers.

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Thank You very much @faran-nabeel . I'm biggener steemian and I need your support I want to learn more about Steem and specially Steem Infinity Zone I want you to could be guide me .

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