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Assalam o Alaikum my friend's i wish you all are well.

Assalamo Alaikum

~I am good and I hope everyone is enjoying raining~

Today i will tell you about detox water. If we add something to water and boost its effect, it became more good for health.

Detox water is used to remove toxin from the body.
Continues use of detox water improve digestion process.
Its helpful in get rid extra fat from from the body.
Lemon and cucumber is used in it which give a glowy look to skin.


Cucumberone fresh
Mint leavesfresh 2-3

How to make

Its very easy.

  • Sliced the lemon and

  • cucumber
    Take a glass added sliced cucumbers,

  • lemon

  • And mint leaves in it. Added water.

Placed it for over night. Used before breakfast.
And after or before every meal.

I made the jug for my whole day.
Used it continously you will see results are good.

Health Benefits of Cucumber 🥒🥒

  • water in cucumber permit you to stay hydrated also, the fiber they come up with lets you live hydrated and keep away from constipation.
  • Diet k facilitates with bleeding maintains wholesome. applying it in your skin can help reduce the ache of sunburn, irritation and damaged skin.
  • It is why human beings on occasion positioned a slice or cucumber in it could also have fitness advantages out of doors of your frame.
  • Applying it on your skin can assist lessen the ache of sunburn, inflammation and broken pores and skin. that’s why people now and again positioned a piece or underneath their eyes, hoping to lessen baggage and reduce puffiness.
  • Beneath their eyes, hoping to cut back their luggage and decrease haughtiness.

Health Benefits of Lemon 🍋🍋

  • lemons are an awesome source of diet c, which promotes immunity, fights contamination, heals wounds, and extra.
  • one lemon gives approximately 31 mg of diet c, according to the usa department of agriculture fooddata principal.
  • Daily encouraged 90 mg for men and seventy five mg for ladies.


lemons incorporate calcium, that is critical for muscle function, hormone replacement, muscle contraction, and greater.


lemons contain potassium, which allows muscles and nerves to characteristic well.


it's also located in lemons, which fight against spinal congenital malformations and helps construct red blood cells.

Mint leaves

  • wealthy in nutrients...
    may additionally it help to lessen digestion. ...
    it is able to improve brain feature. ...
    might also it relieve childbirth pain. ...
    slowly improves bloodless signs. ...
    may hiding horrific breathing. ...
    it's clean to add on your eating regimen.

In hot summers especially now it's the best time to try it. Today I am going to try it definitely

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