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Today I am sharing Educational Tutorial related to 5G Technology. Here I tell you Who Developed 5G Technology? What is 5G technology? Advantages and disadvantages of 5G Technology? And Answer Many other Questions related to 5G Technology.
So Let's Start...


Who Developed 5G?

Developed By3GPP
IntroducedJuly 2016
Industry NameTelecommunication

What is 5G Technology?

Today there are many technological revolutions. Technology is advancing day by day. One of the growing technologies of modern times is called 5G technology. 5G technology is the fastest type of internet. 5G technically is based on Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. This technology has made the world even faster. Before work to be done in minutes will now be done in seconds through this 5G technology.


Disadvantages of 5G Technology:

Many of the older devices will not be capable of 5G. So replacing them with a new one. That is why it is an expensive deal. Many people Who not afford will not benefit from this technology.
Right now More Cost is needed for infrastructure development.
Security and privacy issues remain unresolved.


"G" Stand for 5G:


Cellular "G"-Link means Generation Five is the 5G and newest generation of cellular network technology and enhances the capabilities of mobile networks. Which will be able to use more device work than before.

5G Technology Impact our life:

The technology that enables remote control of critical services will further our business in storing, sharing, and storing access to the Internet personal communication and data access to these autonomous driving objects. It impacts AI and augmentation reality.



How 5G will Enable in the Future:

In the future, 5G service features will provide low literacy and high bandwidth. This will help improve the user experience, ranging from cloud gaming to telehealth usage in the consumer and business space.


In the Last:

This will help improve the user experience, ranging from cloud gaming to telehealth usage in the consumer and business space. In this modern age, 5G technology is the latest type of technology. We need to understand and work on such technologies to make our lives easier. Our lives will be easier if we understand the technology and work on it
So we need to understand and work on the technological revolution in the world so that we can make our lives easier.


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