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RE: SIZ Comment Contest || 10 Steem Prize Pool

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Hi My All SIZ Family Members I Hope You Are All Well.

I am going to tell you about my Best Author.
  • ''Anwar Masood'' is best Author for me:

Source Image

Born:November 8, 1935 (age 85 years) Gujrat
Language:Punjabi, Urdu and Persian languages
Notable awards:Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1999
Parents:Muhammad Azeem, Iqbal Begum
Anwar Masood is a Pakistani poet who is known for his humorous poetry and in addition his works include other titles such as writing in Punjabi, Urdu and Persian. His poetry is known for its unique use of everyday phrases and words. The people like them very much and they are proud of the languages ​​in which they write poetry.


Regard's! @ramzanbaow

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Thanks for your comment

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My pleasure