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Hope so everyone will be fine.Alhamdullilah! I am also fine.I am here with you a new amazing will be very delightful to know the topic of my today's remedy, because everyone wants this amazing thing that I am going to share today.So today my topic of discussion is to get a Korean glass skin.In simple words, I will tell you the secret of a healthy and glowing skin.
Most people wants whitening on their face but actual beauty is to have a healthy and glowing skin.So, in today's remedy I will tell you that how you can make your skin healthy glamorous and glowing.
So let's start this remedy.


You have tried many things to apply on your face,hands and foots but today I will tell you something very different and this thing will be used to drink not to apply.


Following are the ingredients required for this remedy:

•Coconut water.



•To make this remedy take one cucumber and don't peel it off.
•Now take a Mixer or blender jug and add one cup of coconut water in it.Coconut water will help in grinding cucumber.
•Cut the cucumber into small pieces or into cubes and add in the coconut water already placed in a mixer or a blender jug.
•On the blender and blend the cucumber with Coconut water for at least 2-3 minutes.
•Now the juice or drink is ready.


•You have to drink this juice for at least 2-3 times in day.
•After 20 days your skin tone will be perfect and you feel a Korean glass skin.You will surely like this remedy after trying this.
•The taste of this juice is also really very good.This juice will be delicious as well as a energy drink also.
•It will compensate your essential vitamins or minerals deficiency and gives you a younger,brighter, healthier and glowing look to your skin.
Hope so you will like this remedy.


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