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RE: SIZ Comment Contest || 10 Steem Prize Pool

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Hello everyone!!!

Here is me @salmashraf and i would like to tell the best author on steemit.I'll answer the given question .

Who is your Best Author ?

I'm tell you about the best author and best professor as well as best teacher and best mentor a very respectful personality is sir @cryptokraze .

Reason Why?

He is an outstanding leader and very motivated person. I'm learned many things under his leadership! First of all he provide us a wonderful platform SIZ for us.He is also provide the opportunity to work on steemit .

sir @cryptokraze provide us full guidance in following ways

  • what is steemit
  • How to Sign Up on Steemit
  • How we login and join communities on Steemit
  • How we Make Our 1st Post on Steemit
  • Basic Knowledge that help us How to make an attractive and interesting post on steemit
  • How We Claim our Rewards
  • How We Power Up using Steem
  • How We Apply Basic Markdown Style on our post to make our post attractive
  • He is conducting very interesting and amazing contest for us
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    Thanks u soo much Sir @cryptokraze for always so willing to help us, encourage and motivate us .You are best leader ever!Your managment style work well with all of us.Your integrity is admirable and by far you are the best Author for me.

 3 months ago 

Thanks for your comment