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Today i would like to tell you about How to become a successful freelancer.
I'm tell you different ways to beecome a good and successful freelancer . Freelancing is very good way to earn money while sitting at homes and anywhere where you want.


What is Freelancing

Freelancing is a type of business where people work independently to provide a variety of services. There is no specific job, the company has hired you for a specific job and time.Freelancing is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. You can work as a part-time or full-time freelancer depending on your choice.


A Little Piece of Advice

People are always looking for ways to get rich quickily. Probably all the news about the multi-billion dollar start-up purchase and how people are making millions faster with smartphone apps is starting to get in their heads. As a result of media hype, they do not see the important message hidden within all those success stories: It takes Hard Work to make money. Do you think WhatsApp became a $ 20 Billion app in one night? It took them more than 4 years to get there. It took almost five years for Mark Zuckerberg to make Facebook a success.



He has not made any money using the platform in the first few years.The moral of the story is: Don't try to follow a career path because it pays well. If you want to make a living and survive as a freelancer, choose to do the job you love and you have to feel intrest in that job , a job that you enjoy every day, and then work that challenge you to learn something new every day. That burning love and desire within you will lead you to become better at what you do and improve your skills and ultimately lead you to a greater reward than ever before. Learn to be patient again. Because it will take some time before you start earning income. And remember, you will have to work hard for a while. Then it will be like walking in a park.

How to become a best and succesfull freelancer

Define your Freelancing goals


It all starts with knowing your intentions to start your own business. You can't get in your car and start driving if you don't have a place to go, and you should not start a private business without going or knowing complete information about freelancing. Without your destination, it's hard to know which way to go. Objectives provide that starting point for your private business.

Decide which skills you will start or learn

Whether you plan to become a full-time or part-time freelancer, your business will be built around the unique skills you have to offer. Those skills are your greatest asset.So the first step is to identify the different skills you have developed over the years that other people may not have and want to pay you to use them. Start with a simple spreadsheet. In the first list, start listing every skill you can think of.

Define your target clients


Once you have identified the skills that will be most profitable and enjoyable for you, it is time to think about who will pay you to use them. Many freelancers fail to think and wish here.They start working independently and are afraid to sell that they will take any client that gives them any amount of money to do anything.

Combine your skills in service delivery

Choosing your skills was just the first step in starting an independent business - next you will need to sell them.


  • How can you apply those skills to someone else?
  • What service do you provide with those skills?
  • It’s a good line, but an important distinction.
  • Writing is a skill and email writing is a service.
  • Coding is a skill and create a custom mobile apps is a service.
  • before you sell your skill you need to think them as services

    Create a portfolio to showcase your skills

    Every client, whether they realize it or not, they hire you because they trust you.

    They trust you to do what you say you will do, and they bring the quality of work you say you w

    ill provide. Sometimes a client project comes easily - it could be family or a friend. But most of the time, that client will need a reason to trust you. So you need to build that Trust ,interest and believe . A good way to build trust with a new client when you start an independent business is to show examples of past work such as the job they are considering hiring for you. You need to show some samples of your past work that you done in past. It is a very good way to divert and engage attention of any clients.

    Develop a strategy to find clients

    At this point, you have laid a solid foundation for starting freelancing. Now, we need to talk about finding your first clients. There are three main ways to find new clients when you become independent:

  • You need to Working with customers directly
  • OR Working as subcontractors
  • Private work websites are used
  • Working directly with customers is a pure form of freelancing - someone has a problem, they pay you to solve it, and there are no other people or platforms involved besides you both. If you do rounds and reconnect with your attorneys, one of them will actually hire you or make a direct introduction to the other person who hired you.That first project will be your start - do a good job and you can build from there. If that doesn't happen right away, you might start to panic and think about meeting completely new people to install your services.


    Starting freelancing is an easy task but it is important to be consistent and achieving your goals. You need consistency. Sometimes, you have to wait a few months to get your first project. You need to have good communication skills if you want to be hired. Try to form long-term relationships with your customers. It will help you to find more projects in the future. Another very important feature is your profile on the freelancing platform. You need to have professional drawings to attract the client.


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