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Respected Steemit Team,

This is @cryptokraze, founder of the community Steem Infinity Zone and I would like to appreciate steemit team for taking this wonderful initiative of monthly support program for communities. We are applying for the community support program through this post by our community official account @siz-official.

We are covering each element in our application required for the support program and providing comprehensive information about our community.


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Community Purpose

We started our community with vision, mission and plans that were shared in the Community Introduction Post.

Vision and Mission

Steem Infinity Zone is established with the Vision “To Educate and Empower People on Steemit without Limits”

SIZ will onboard new people, mostly students to steemit platform by creating seminars, zoom sessions and steemit education tutorials.

SIZ will provide a platform to Teachers and Trainers in different fields including Forex, Crypto, Food Processing, Arts, Photography, Computers and Technology, to provide value to Steem ecosystem.

SIZ will provide an excellent platform to empower students by learning these valuable and lifelong skills as well as showcase their individual talents.

Uniqueness of Community

SIZ is unique because it is based on adding value to people life by educating them with different skills through SIZ experts. It is a platform for both trainers and students to showcase their individual talents that will empower the community.

SIZ is also unique in the sense that the founder of the community is using all his rewards to grow the community and support community members. He is also using his personal resources to run different community projects.

There are no other communities that are focussing on providing a platform to both trainers and students. SIZ is making continuous efforts to add different domains in education so maximum people can get benefits.

Why People Should Join SIZ ?

By joining Steem Infinity Zone, You will learn some valuable and lifelong skills that will literally add value to your life.

  • SIZ is providing Steem education on Local level that will enable many to change their life.

  • SIZ will provide training on Forex and Crypto Trading under the guidance of Profession Forex and Crypto Trader @cryptokraze. You don't want to miss out this skill.

  • SIZ is providing valuable contents on Food Processing under the guidance of experts in field of Food Processing and Technology.

  • SIZ is providing valuable tutorials and trainings on Computers and Information Technology Field by experts in their respective areas

  • SIZ is providing awareness sessions, tutorials and valuable content on E-commerce that is a super skill to change your life.

  • SIZ is providing a platform to everyone for showcasing their individual talents in different fields and support every valuable content creator.

  • By joining SIZ, you will get a chance to learn new skills or upgrade your current skills that will ultimately add value to give you “A Better Life”

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Community Team

Steem Infinity Zone has the following team members that are playing their roles. The community staff team is capable of covering English, Urdu, Hindi, and Indonesian Languages.

1 - @cryptokraze (Admin) from Pakistan
He is the founder of SIZ and all the developments and projects are being led by him.

2 - @vvarishayy (Mod) from Pakistan
She is also Country representative of Pakistan and doing moderator role in SIZ. She is handling members inquiries about Newcomers achievement tasks and contests in SIZ.

3 - @suboohi (Mod) from Pakistan
She is handling most of the contest being organized in SIZ and will handle SIZ-Charity project that will be launched very soon.

4 - @arie.steem (Mod) from Indonesia
He is handling the promotional activities and supervising the tasks being done by community members.

5 - @qasimwaqar (Mod) from Pakistan
He is basically the investor and sponsor of SIZ and providing resources for different project and community support when needed.

6 - @siz-official (Mod) Community Account
This is our community official account that is used for curating members and post community updates.

7- @endingplagiarism (Mod)
We have collaborated with endingplagiarism to cope with the plagiarism offenders and keep the community free from plagiarism offenders.


Rewards for Moderators

Currently, we are providing a reward of 50 steem per month to our moderators who are handling and managing the contest for their time and efforts. These rewards are provided by the community admin from his personal resources and community funds are not used for this purpose. In addition, we allow moderators to post contest results from their accounts or regular community updates so they have chance of getting curation by steemit team.

Contingency Plan

SIZ has already made its contingency plan in case main admin decides to leave the community or we lost our keys.

  • The accounts keys are stored at 3 different places including hardware devices, paper storage and cloud storage. The details are shared with 3 moderators.
  • In case, @cryptokraze decides to leave the community, the power will be shifted to @vvarishayy (Country Representative of Pakistan) who can handle the community in an effective manner.

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Community Curation Account @siz-official

  • Our community curation account is @siz-official that is being used to curate members posts.

  • The curation account has effective Steem Power 37,044 out of which 10,016 is community own SP while 27,028 is received from delegatiors.

  • We have long term plan to take our account steem power to 100k SP by year end and we are using all our rewards to convert into steem and power up. In addition, we are offering maximum delegation rewards (upto 200% of curation) to delegators so we can get more delegations in future. The founder @cryptokraze has been delegating most of his Steem Power to community curation account to grow it.

  • All the rewards received in form of SBD are being converted into steem and turned in to steem power. We have not withdrawn a single steem from the community so far. Delegation rewrds and contests prizes are transferred through community official Grand Rewards Pool (@siz-rewards) which is financed by the founder @cryptokraze and our sponsor @qasimwaqar.

  • The curation account access is given to 2 other moderators (@vvarishayy and @suboohi) who are handling the contests so they can vote on contests entries and other good posts in community.

  • Voting CSI score for curation account is 11.8 according the Steemworld data as shown in below picture. We are not self voting and this 1.40% self vote is due to mistake which was removed. We will always use the curation account to vote on members posts.


  • We have grown our SP significantly this month and doing voting on almost all the posts. If some posts got skipped that might be due to extra load but we check the payout section of community posts so any post reaching payout deadline will get voting. We can say that 90% of the posts in community are getting voted by curation account.

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Plagiarism and Abuse

  • We have made collaboration with @endingplagiarism to deal with plagiarism so that it can be done more effectively. In addition, @cryptokraze and @vvarishayy are checking random or suspicious posts for plagiarism.

  • If we spot a plagiarist or abuser, we remove voting from their posts and give them tag Under Observation. If he/she still repeat the mistake, action is taken to mute from community.

  • To check the account originality, we already have country representative @vvarishayy in our team who is doing this effectively.

  • We have instructed members to use images from copyright free resources and made a separate tutorial on using images in the posts.

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Engagement and Commenting

We try to check all the posts and commenting on most of the posts and we will continue to comment on maximum number of posts through our official account anc admin team accounts. 50 to 60% of the Posts are being commented by the Community team currently and we will definitely increase this engagement in coming days.

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Plans and Updates

We are posting new developments and plans on regular basis. We can say that we are updating the community development and projects on monthly basis. We are planning to post community progress and plans twice a month moving forwards.

Some of the community plans and development updates are being posted by the Founder account @cryptokraze and some of them are posted by Community account @siz-official. Moving forward, most of the plans and updates will be posted through community official account.

Steem Infinity Zone has a long term plan which was shared in our 1st Meetup and some of the points in our long term plans are listed below;

  • Promoting Steemit in Pakistan through colleges and universities
  • Growing the Community Official Account to 100k SP
  • Adding more SIZ Experts from different fields of Study
  • Expand the SIZ Projects (Investment Plans, SIZ Exchange and SIZ Rewards)
  • Starting SIZ Charity to support the needy
  • Making the Community Self Sustainable Eventually

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Promotion Strategy

  • We have started promoting Steem Infinity Zone in local area through colleges and university students. We got a good response despite the pendemic situation.

  • We have done a promotional contest for full month to get new people on board which was very successful and we got +170 new sign ups through that contest.

  • We have plans to start another contest to promote steem on social media which will be effictive to bring more people to community.

  • We have a long term plan to recruit SIZ promotors who will be doing promo activities in different cities of Pakistan. Eventually, we will expand it worldwide to have many promoters around the globe.

  • Our main target audience will be the students in college and universities because that will give us a good network to help in marketing.

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Special Features of SIZ

We would like to mention special features of our community Steem Infinity Zone that are not present in any other community on Steemit.

Steem Investment Plan
The main objective is to bring investments to Steem ecosystem from outside by providing better returns to investors. We want people to keep Steem within the system instead of withdrawing so we encourage everyone to be part of this plan and get great returns on their Steem investments. You can get 60% Profit annually on your investments with SIZ. We have received 5300 Steem from 5 investors so far and it will eventually increase with time.


SIZ Rewards
We have launched SIZ Rewards (@siz-rewards), which is community's official grand rewards pool. SIZ management and other generous donors can support this by sending donations that will be used to support community members.

SIZ Delegation Reward System
We have invited delegators to support SIZ community by delegating their Steem Power to the community official account (@siz-official) and get upto 200% curation rewards which is the best offer among Steemit communities.

SIZ Exchange
We have launched this project (@siz-exchange) to support community members by providing local currency in exchange of their Steem and SBD. This is a non-profit Service and resources received in SIZ Exchange will be utilized to power up or support SIZ Projects.

So far we have given exchange services for 4,342.313 STEEM and 8209.858 SBD which means @cryptokraze has used equaly amount of his personal resources to pay for these exchange service and kept these steem and SBD assets within the system that shows SIZ commitment towards growing for long term.

Why SIZ should Get the Support?

We want the support so that hardworking members of the community should get some rewards who are putting efforts since community is started. They have not given up doing the good work despite getting no major voting support.

There are SIZ Experts who are doing some great work and their efforts should be recognized though the voting support. In this way, we will get more experts globally and it will ultimately help achieve the community main goal that is to empower the people to learn some great skills that will help them in their life.

Since, the community have started, the founder @cryptokraze has used all his steemit rewards to grow the community and support the members through contests and other support programs. We have not withdrawn a single steem since this community is started and @cryptokraze has used his personal resources outside steemit to pay to the members who wanted to withdraw. We have kept all the steem and SBD within the system through out SIZ Exchange.

SIZ has always encourages #steemexclusive content in our community and we will not allow cross posting in our community.

Lastly, we assure steemit team that we will not use any kind support for our personal gains. All the support received will be used to grow the community and support the hardworking members. The main objective os Steem Infinity Zone is to empower people and we need your support to make a positive impact on lives of many because 1 small vote can worth huge for some student who is struggling to manage his study expenses or a housewife who is finding it hard to manage expenses oh her children.

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Steem Infinity Zone
A community to Educate and Empower Poeple without Limits

 2 months ago (edited)

Well I was waiting to see an entry from Siz Community account in this Community support program.

I can proudly say that SIZ is One of the unique Community with totally different purpose which is starting new initiatives everyday to add value to steem echo system.

I have seen that the founder of community @cryptokraze doing offline and Online Promotions of Steemit on different Social media Platforms to bring new members and investors to steemit.

I am very much thankful for the founder of this community who is teaching about forex trading, crypto trading to steemains through Zoom Sessions.

The investment plan started by Siz Community is also One of the unique thing on Steemit. I have never seen anyone in my life offering that much return (%60+) on investments. Moreover, the owner of the Siz is keeping that investment on the platform and giving profits from his own money.

Furthermore, The community is not withdrawing anything and keep focusing on increasing steem power by doing Power ups and by getting delegations.

Finally, the unique purpose of keeping teachers and students of different backgrounds engage with each other is helping students to learn something new in their choice of fields and helping teachers to earn some extra income.

All I want to say that, SIZ should get support from Steemit Team so that members of this community who are working hard day and night do not get demotivated or discouraged. Although Siz team is helping them to provide maximum support but still the vote value is not enough to make these valuable content creators happy!

Thank you for showing support for SIZ Community. We will continue to make new developments and carry forward the current project. Steem Investment Plan is still under rated and I hope many other members will find out about this plan through this post. People are missing out a great opportunity big time.

 2 months ago 

My all support and prayers with #steeminfinityzone . @cryptokraze and @siz-official team is working hard for growth of community so community is growing day by day.

Many users of community are newbie so we are promoting powerup culture in our community.

Many new users added to it and it's subscribers reached to 1771, for growth of users as well as community steemit team's support is very important.

Let's hope for the best. InshaAllah our community will get support from steemit team 💕


It's more then two months being a part of amazing community I proud to be part of that well @crytocraz and siz-offical and off cause mod of siz community doing great work @vvarishy ,@suboohi and all always support and enncourge us .It's only a community to empower and educate people .Insha Allah siz get 200% success because of its planning and strategy towords community hard and special features good luck siz team ☺️☺️

 2 months ago 

Thanks dear💕. InshaAllah we will get support.

 2 months ago 

I have working on this platform from 2 month
I have found it vvvvvery effective i have learned many things about it
Specialy i will tell the support of @cryptokraze
On this community @siz-offical the people are showing there talent and creating amzaing contents here i like it
Our siz community has grown so Much Mash Allah sp is reached so high and one day will reach 100k.Its the time our community shoud get support from support team.
I am wishing best for our community i like the great effort and support of @cryptokraze and his team

We will get 100k definitely

 2 months ago 

insha'Allah sir
You are really working hard and we will achieve target soon

 2 months ago 

Firstly I am very thankful for the SIZ community who give me a chance for do efforts, For show my skills and talents. I think its great community not just for talent show but also for leaning . And one thing that is amazing in these days that is best author contest. I participate daily . And purpose of this contest that is organized by @siz-official is just for enhance the skills of learning.

And I want to say that Our siz community has grown and will e more and more. And our community have to more progress and that will be INSHA ALLAH. And with the support of Support team. We and our community will get more progress.

Thanks a lot @siz-official and also thanks to support team.

We are glad that you are learning here and it will boost your confidence in practical life.

 2 months ago 

Exactly. And I will do my best more and more. And do my efforts as I can

 2 months ago 

Sir, insha Allah you will get maximum support, already you have done alot for newcomers, and still your efforts are outstanding, this community will grow more and more under your supervison, infact you empower many people and still your are encouraging, and making this community friendly so that we can invite more people to join and show their skills.
May you get more and more success

Thank you for the nice words. The main idea of SIZ is to empower people and we are doing it with all available resources. I hope we get the support so we can increase the support to others.

 2 months ago 

Thank you sir

 2 months ago 

First of all I really thanks @cryptokraze who make this wonderful community and gave us a chance to show our talent to others. In which community @siz-official and @cryptokraze and all the teams moderator work day and night. So my best wishes with you that the curators does not ignore your community. You work hard for all the community members. So I hope we took a community support.

Thank you for showing support for SIZ

 2 months ago 

Siz is growing day by day subscriber steem power and members quality post as well so steemit team give support to our community so that encourage people to do better work.

Thank you siz official and crytokraze for making this forum for us.
This platform is enhancing our abilities and skills.

SIZ is getting better with each day and we will grow faster with steemit team support.

 2 months ago 

I have entirely different profession but what I learned is basically from siz so my community will rank at the top IA and support department should give support to my community

You will get the top rank. A lot more to learn in SIZ.

 2 months ago 

Amazing proposal sir and our community members and MOD's are doing hard work to make our coommunity strong. I hope that our community will get support from support program. You are doing amazing work to make this communuity one of the best community. Wish you best of luck for the proposal and Insha Allah it will be accepted. (Ameen)

Thank you for doing the good work in SIZ

 2 months ago 

My Pleasure

 2 months ago 

Its been more than 2 months on this platform and I have learned everything from this platform throughout this period @cryptokraze taught each and everything.

Now i think everyone has basic understanding of this platform as well alot of people of siz are creating outstanding content and everyone is working hard for our community.

Our siz community has grown so Much Mash Allah sp is reached so high and one day will reach 100k.Its the time our community shoud get support from support team.
Best of luck @siz-official

Thank you for the support. We will get to 100k SP soon with the support program hopefully.

 2 months ago 


Its amazing sir your community is growing up very short time and take a very hard working for our wonderful community and you make many wonderful contest such as "Power up Culture contest" it is very unique and important contest for improvement of members. And such a very great effort for steemit and steemit members because Power Up is make a strong me on steemit.
And many more ideas like "SIZ Education Tutorials." Initiative by @siz-official and @cryptokraze. It is very great and helpful for everyone and newcomers.

My best wishes for our community❤.

Best of luck SIZ 👍


Regards, @faran-nabeel

We are promoting power up culture because it will eventually help the community to grow when all these new users will increase their steem power and delegate to SIZ with passage of time.

 2 months ago 

Yes sir you are right....
Inshallah Our Community will be more growing up and become even stronger with your shining ideas.

 2 months ago 

Great proposal sir you and our community moderators and members work hard to get some support. In Sha Allah w'll get support hope for good best of luck.

Let's make it the real valuable community and your contribution in Amazon tutorials will help many

 2 months ago 
Insha’Allah it will help you more as you are doing a lot for the members of this community and hopefully you will continue to do a lot for the members of the community. The hard work you put into explaining this to the members of this platform is doing a great job and creating great content. Our community has made a lot of progress and will continue to grow, God willing, with the support of the support team which will give us support.

My Best Wishes For SIZ Community:


Thank you for the support and we will enable many students to be independent by learning from SIZ

 2 months ago 

yes sir we have full faith of you.

 2 months ago 

First of all I would like to thanks @cryptokraze for making this community and secondly He is the one who teach us each and everything.He worked day and night for this community.

ALL the members are able to make top 🔝 high quality content.Every work needs appreciation and acknowledgment.So this is the time now our community should get support.

Our community is reached to very high level in short period of time and sp is reach >34k and insha Allah will reach 100K very soon.

We are at 37k SP now.

50k is loading.....

 2 months ago 

that's great sir congratulations 🎉 to us

 2 months ago 

I am member of this community about 2 month agoi have learned more here and also get support of @cryptokraze
I wishing my best prayer for this community
No its time to support our community
People creating great content here
@cryptokraze and its @siz-offical team working hard
Best of luck

Thank you for the kind words

 2 months ago 

well its very very nice , Your countless efforts helping us to grow, wish you very very best of luck SIZ.

Thank you for the support

Thank you Steem Infinity Zone for having me here. I am so grateful for being valued here. You have my full support and I hope we continue to support each other. Keep on fighting. You deserve because you are worth for it.

Thank you for showing support for SIZ.

 2 months ago 

As usual it is also a great work and I know your intentions are also good 👍 Best of luck may Allah bless this community. Great start towards helping others .Great job.

Thank you for the kind words. SIZ only intention is to help people with education and skills.

 2 months ago 

I hope this community continues to be consistent and successful

We will be doing everything possible to make SIZ one of the best communities on steemit.

 2 months ago 

Indeed you are working day and night for the community and for it's betterment. The theme itself is very important that is to educate the steemians. I hope we will get the support soon.

Thank you for all the contributions you made in SIZ

I so much love this community, the admins and moderators have work tirelessly to make sure its members have benefited. I sincerely commend their effort, I hope they will receive support they worth it

Thank you for the kind words. The steemit support will help us doing even better for our members

Thank you for the support

 2 months ago 

Wish you best of luck sir @cryptockraze! May you get more and more success in your life ahead. Thanks for supporting us!

Thanks for your graphics designing tutorials

 2 months ago 

This community is growing Rapidly in such a short period of Time, because it have selfless Admin and Moderators who renders their services out of love. Please I hope Steemit blog will support this community so that her members will be motivated to remain active.

Thank you for the kind words. My aim is to help as many people as I can and we are doing it. This support will increase our circle to change life of many.

 2 months ago 

Its amazing. As usual you have great mind with the grace of GOD. And I am very thankful @siz-official for supporting us in this great community. and I want to say that this community should have to success more and more and it also deserve it because of your hard work. And many member have done their efforts great . Thanks a lot for supporting us. we all because of this awesome community and guidelines. Thanks a lot again


We will keep doing the good work

 2 months ago 

Thank you very much for your cooperation and we will continue to do so in the future...❣

 2 months ago 

Sir very good post.... And such a great effort. Wish you best of luck

Thank you

Such a amazing post sir . I wish you best of luck .

 2 months ago 

Such a amazing post keep it up i wish u you will succeed

Firstly, I really thankful to Mr @cryptokraze for making this wonderful community. Because this community is make the based on education and learning with out so limit and it is very good.
Because I also have got lot information from this wonderful community.
I really appreciate your work SIZ.
SIZ is a best community for me and which peoples who learn and earn at this platform.
Thanks Steem Infinity Zone❤
Best of luck.

Thank you for the support

Dear Cryptokraze

I am very Happy to see that we are grow up in very short time & i have been here 2 month . Its a great perposal for newcomers .
Inshallah We will grow up & Very soon WE get Support

Thank you

It is very important and great.
Sir i really like your creativity skills and your team management and your community rules and regulations.
I really appreciate you SIZ.
And i really thankful to Mr @cryptokraze.
Thanks for making this wonderful community.

best of luck Steem infinity zone.
My best wishes for you.

Thanks for the wishes

Hiii Respected Sir @cryptokraze

I really appreciate your work and your community rules and regulations.

  • Sir when I joined this wonderful platform then your community education tutorials is very helpful for me.
    And i got a lot information about steemit network.
    Because I am new so i don't know about steemit network and how to make post on steemit but when I see your community then my all problems will be solved and i got a lot information about steemit.
    I really appreciate you.
    Thanks ❤

Best of luck SIZ ⭐

Thank you

Wow.. It's very interested Sir i really thankful to Mr @cryptokraze.
Your community is one of the best community of this wonderful platform i really thankful to you.
And @siz-official doing a great work and he also support a members.
I really like your ideas and thoughts.

Thanks for making this wonderful community is called steem Infinity zone.

Best of luck SIZ✨

Thank you

 2 months ago 

Our community is becoming best day by day ☺️
Insha Allah will get support as well.

Thank you

 2 months ago 

I'm member of @siz-official from up to two months.
I posts blogs in this community.
Very good platform.
I learn many things for here.
Also will be learn more in the coming time.
My best wishes with you.
@siz-official grew very fast in few days.
It deserve support.
@cryptokraze and their team is doing hardworK.
I hope you @siz-official will select for the support.
My best wishes with you.
Best of LucK..

Thank you for the kind words

 2 months ago 

This is a very wonderful community in which siz team admin+moderator work very hard for community. @siz-official support every members. I really thanks sir @cryptokraze who organized this amazing community in which we show our talent to others. And get many skills, because in which many skilled persons who make quality content to other members. I hope the curators didn't ignore this community for support. My best wishes with you.

Thank you for the kind words

 2 months ago (edited)

A very good proposal sir.
Sir @cryptokraze we are so proud that a leader like you is with us and leading us .We are proude to be a part of your team.You have helped us in every way . Siz needs support and SIZ will get support by support programe.All of Siz goals Will b achieved soon.InshaAllah

We will do much better on getting the support

 2 months ago 

InshaAllah sir

Siz is a good platform in learning point of view. Also SIZ officals and member promotes learning and skills in this community.

You know it bro

Am glad to be in this community.
Thanks to the founder and the Admin. I hope we receive the desired support we desire

Let's hope for the best

Hii respected Sir @cryptokraze.
My name is Faisal and i recently joined steemit network.
Because I am new so i don't know about steemit network but when I see your community and your tutorials it is very important and helpful for me.
And i really thanks for to make this wonderful community.
My Best wishes for your community.
Keep it up Steem Infinity Zone.
Best of luck ❤

Thank you

 2 months ago 

i learn many things in this community. best of luck🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

It's a great Community I've learned a lot from this community and it's all the result of @cryptokraze hard work.

 2 months ago 

I have working on this community on April 2021 about 2 to 3 months ago. I have learn many things about steemit through this community.
I really thankful to my respected sir @cryptokraze

Thank you

 2 months ago 

I am supporting steem infinity zone.Team is also doing a great job.Thats why community is growing day by day.

Thank you

Yeah congratulations 😍 Siz time is now at its peak so this is correct time for steemit team to support our community.

Thank you for the kind words

My best wishes with you. SIZ community team and founder work very hard. I hope curators didn't ignore this wonderful community for team support.

Thank you

My siz community is like my hometown I want my community grow and get support as although @cryptokraze is providing support to us but yet our community need support.

Thank you

 2 months ago 

This is Best platefrom to growing peoples show our skill very good luck SIZ community

Thank you for the support

Siz deserve very best, because siz members doing their best level, its a great learning plateform,.And no doubt @cryptocraze support us till yet, so its need of time

SIZ community is a great platform I have learned very knowledgeable things from this community it has benefited a lot of people hard work in this community is @siz-official and @cryptokraze

Glad you are learning here