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Hello everyone!!! ☺️☺️

Anwar maqsood"is best Auther for me

Who has written famous plays Aangun Terra ,sitara-mehroon Nisa,Nadan Nadia, Maqsood,s comedy shows fifty -fifty ,Loose Talk with the late legend Moin Akhtar had set several records.

sharing his experience with humar, Maqsood said "Writing humar is not easy .It's like crossing river of fire .No one should be ridiculed and should be written with in realm of courtesy, Other wise it's very easy to write RIDICULOUS JOKES

plz pray for his health he is suffering from COVID-19 ,He,s a real asset's of Pakistan

 3 months ago 

May Allah give him perfect health. @sauleha thanks for your comment

 3 months ago 

My pleasure dear 😘