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Now come to my post,s topic today I am trying to explain you regarding to Eid UL Azha festival A lot of meet in every home every one almost cooked yammy beef, mutton from their animal 😋😋😋😋 chill Tikka party at every home so I though to discuss about that one by one both sides benefits and bad effect of meat on our health.

Effect of Red meat on our health


Beef meat🍖🍖🥓🥓

Beef is a flash of mature cattle as distinguish from veal,the flash of calves . The Best beef is obtained by from .Early maturing , special beef breeds.High quality beef has firm velvety ,fine grainded lean, bright red colour and well marbled .The fat is smooth , creamy white and well distributed .
In young beef the bones are soft ,porous and red ,the less desirable mature beef has hard white bones .

"Beef tenderness and flavour are improved by aging "

Nutrition facts of Beef meat

  • Beef is primery composed of protein and varying amount of fats for a 3.5 ounce (100 gm ) serving of broiled ,ground beef with 10% fat contain.
  • Calories. 217

  • Water 61%

  • Protein. 26gm

  • Fats. 11.8


Meat such as beef- mainly composed of protein .
The protein contain leans,cooked beef is About 26-27 Animate protein is usually if high quality containing all essential Amino acid need to growth and maintenace of your body .
As the building block of protein ,Amino acid are very important for our health perspective.


Beef contain varying amount of fat -also called beef tallow.A part from adding flavor,fat increasers the calories content of meat considerably .
Beef is composed of saturated and mono saturated fats present in approximately equal in amount ,the major fatty acid are strearic acid and palmalic acid.


Vitamins and Minerals

In beey vitamins and B12,B6 , Zinc , Selenium,Iron, Niacin, Phosphorus.

Is red meat bad for your health ???🧐🧐

Nutritional and health expert have spent years debating the benefits and risks of eating red meat In an attamept to determine whether it's good or bad for health .So far result have been mixed .


Researches says that red meat contains important nutrients ,including protein , Vitamins B-12 ,and Iron .
However there is evidence to suggest that eating a lot of red meat can raise , a person's risk of certain # Cancers ,heart 💜❤️ problem, Kidneys disease and other health problemes .

How much red meat is too much 🤔🤔🤔


The guideline how much red meat is healthy it's vary from healthy organization .

The (AICR) .The world cancer research foundation and American institute say that if a person should eat red meat they should limit their serving per week and avoid processed meat , they explain meat can be valuable source of nutrients .

In( AHA) Research

They recommend less specific in their meat recommendation,they said that # Cut back on meat and only eat ""Once in week " .

How ever about meat not evenly one agreed that people should avoid or consume in limit red meat . ........


It's difficult to link one food or food group to health problemes .Still the body of evidence ,claiming that eating high amount of red meat , especially processed meat , could lead to health problemes is growing.
Major health organization such as (AICR)and the (AHA) suggest eating more plants and less meat to help combat disease


Substituting Red meat for processed low quality carbohydrates can worsen insulin sensitivity, triglycerides level and over all enjoy yammy beat in limits .
In the last I would like to mentioning our hard working team of siz community who always give us support and enncourgement .In this blogg I am tried to explain beef meat briefly and convenience to people about facts .
Take care good night bye

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