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Hello Everyone

I hope all of you good by the grace of God I am fine to alhumdullilah ..I love to learn more about IT and technology for that I read and learn by community posts ,all were informative and I got knowledge from it and I continue my learning journey with the help of size It courses and siz education as I learn step by step and share with you gradually by time so Today I like to share about the programs and programming language.

What is programs

Program Is instructions that we given to a computer.Its told you to computer how to perform an activity.Computer performance a different types of taste as used to different programs.There are different programming languages for writing for different type of programs.its difficult to write program in low level programming language but they are easy for the computer to understand .This is because the instructions are written using 1s and 0s.

BASIC- Programming language (User friendly)

It's stands for (Beginner, All-purpose, Symbolic instructions Code )
It has many amazing features.Its specifically made by the beginniner .It's a interactive language between the user and computer 🖥️.

Command and Statements

We had to knew about some important terms mostly used in language .


A command is an instruction to computer to perform a specific task .A command has a simple Syntex.A command dies not have to be part of program .we can enter commands either by typing them or by pressing one of the function keys on the key board .


A statement is an instruction yo a computer to perform a task
Statement are entered by typing them as a program it's displaying in specific term ,the syntex must be followed , usually statements used in BASIC are INPUT 🔣 , PRINT ,READ ,IF .... THEN ....ELSE .

The different type of operations

The greater than (>) ,Less then (<) ,equal then , variable, constant .
We can divided operations into different categories

Arithmetical Operations

It's helping us to perform basic function like addition , substraction , multiplication, division .we should also keep in mind the order of precedence for arthritic operation it's help us what operation we do first .we used the BODMAS order of precedence in mathematics.

Assignment Operation

The simplest assignment operation the equal sigh (=) in the expression a= 10 in this fixes the value of a as a 10 .

Relational Operation

Relational operation help us to compare two terms .The common relational operations are the not equal to sign (<>)less then or equal to sigh .(<,=),greater then or (equal >,=) ,

The Importance of Syntex

Syntex is simply the set of rules for a language . English had its own two Syntex .We learn English Syntex when we study English grammar..The Syntex of English tells us that I go to market is correct while market go to I is wrong .Syntex is the arrangements of words and symbol in a statement .If we enter a command using incorrect Syntex ,the computer will not understand it .The program will not provide the desire result .
Let's learn about the different types of error .

Logical error

The logical error is an error gvin the instructions given to a computer .An example of logical error is asking a computer to calculate the pet day salary of person by dividing his monthly salary by 32 .This is a logical error because it will can not be 32 days in a month .

Syntex Error

A Syntex error is an error in the Syntex of the commands and statements given to a computer.An example if Syntex error is forgetting to press the space bar or making a spelling error when typing a command or statement .Typing RN instead of RUN Syntex error .The computer can identify a Syntex error and display an error message on the screen .The computer stops the following the program at the instructions where is Syntex error .It continues with the program only after we correct the error .
Removing the error is called debugging .


  • Program is a set of instructions given to a computer .

  • The programing language consist of ways I. Which programmer can write program.

  • A comment is a an instruction to computer to perform a specific task.It has a simple Syntex.

  • An operation is a symbol that identifies the relationship between different terms .

  • Arithmetical operation help us perform basic function like addition, substrates, multiplication , division.

  • Synetex is the arrangements if word and symbols in a statement . it's essential for providing instructions to the computer .

  • Removeing an error is called debugging .

How we learn

  • Importance of programs and programming languages.
  • Intro of BASIC as a user friendly programming language.
    *Clear Difference between command and statement
  • Get knowledge about the types of operation and error .
    In this post I wanted to share with you basic programming languages and long basic terms next post will explain you

Programming in GW -BASIC

I hope you like and understand easily see you soon on an other post till then take care bye

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Good post dear friend. Keep it up bro and keep learn with our steem fellows and friends.

Regards, Faran Nabeel

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My pleasure 🥰🥰

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Wonderful post dear, very informative description. Keep it up.

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Thanks dear for reviewing my post 😊😊

Good post on programming. Today we need this type of post. Thanks for sharing this

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