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Hello friends 😃😃
I hope all of you good and enjoyed your lives with peace ❤️❤️ .Today i am shareing you most favorite dish chicken handi to let get started


Ingrediant List

Chicken 1 kg
Tomatoes. 1/2 kg
Red chilli flakes. 1 ,1/2tbs
Yougerd 1 cup
Taurmaric powder 1. tbs
Salt as you wish
Coriander powder. 1 tbs
Green chilli. 5 to 7
Grind garam masala. 1/2 tbs
Juliat ginger. 2 tbs
Zeera powder. 1 tbs
Oil. 1,1/2 cup
Ginger paste. 1 tbs
Corinder leave. Cit 1 tbs
Garlic paste 1 tbs

How to prepare handi step by step



*Take pan and add some oil on mediam flame then add chicken.chicken fry in oil till its turn golden brown then add ginger garlic paste


  • Add spices
    Add salt,trermaric,chilli flakes,zera,corinder and all remaining spices on chicken .

#Step #3

Wash the tomato 🍅🍅 and boiled it on water when they complete boil peel off skin and make a fine paste with the help of blender .put into Pan
Add tomato paste a d yougerd in chicken flame turn into median to low so the chicken tender in tomato
Adf guline ginger ,greennchills corinder leave for garnishing

When water dry and oil cames into surface
of chicken now its a ready to eat,

Its surve in handi because its a handi chicken surve with chapati salad ,raita etc

*# # Surving
6 to 8 person easyly

#Nutrition value of food

In this food recipe chicken include its has essential protein, healthy fat very necessary for all in tomatoes have iron ,minral ,makes strong and healthy and tomato very good gor growing kids ,in yougerd have calcium for bone health over its power up meal for every one


Good recipe .
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Wow its so yummy
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What a nice recipe...😉.... I like it very much .Thanks for sharing this with us .Looking for more recipes from you😋