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Q.Who is your Best Author? Why?

My best author is "Umera Ahmed",a renowned urdu novelist,Whose many screenplays and novels have been depicted as Dramas on television. Her famous novels are Pir e Kamil,Amarbail,Abe hayat,Mano Salwa and Alif etc.

So why I choose her as best author is because she is an author whose novels have so much suspense that you as a reader become center of it.
She portrays traditional emotions in a manner where you get hooked to the story.
Moreover, her novels have compelled in believing and thinking of your life as extra ordinary. Anything can happen with anybody. Her writing style does not exhibits novel 's characters to be perfect or superficial.

She has totally touched and impacted many lives through her writing.
Thumbs up!

 3 months ago 

She is really a big name. Thanks for your comment